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Lull/Petersson T-Bird and other weird desires

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by dlenaghan, Jun 7, 2012.

  1. Weird. Ever find yourself totally drawn to an unfamiliar instrument out of the blue? I don't even know what the Lull pickups sound like, and yeah, Thunderbirds have their cool factor (though I've been known to *unfairly* judge a player here and there for some stereotypical instrument), and I don't even play long scales anymore..

    But good god - something about this bass is so compelling. Way out of my price range, and white? Really? I'm finding a white instrument this attractive?

    Crazy world.

    What basses have you found yourselves inexplicably drawn to, even if you didn't end up buying it?

    Ones that hover in my memory are a Guild Starfire, this Lull T-bird, and what will prove to be the most elusive over my life, that small-body Turner model 1, I think it's called.
  2. TBird1958

    TBird1958 As a matter of fact....I am your Queen! Staff Member

    Mar 13, 2008
    Seattle Washington
    Endorsing Artist Mike Lull T Bass pickups
    While the TP sig models pickup placement isn't what I prefer I can tell you that Mike's Thunderbird pickups have fantastic tone. They are made exactly like Gibson's ( a pair from a '63 T Bird were deconstructed) using the correct metals and being wound as pairs with 8 and 9k ratings. The covers are made the same way Gibson did, and in fact by the same company that Gibson used. The result is very warm growly tone when played fingerstyle or with a pick.
    As for his T Birds......well, the one he made for me is a beauty, yes it's expensive, but the craftsmanship is flawless and the bass has many contemporary touches that make it a joy to play.

    I visit Mike's shop regularly, first class all the way around!
    A little shameless promo, me with my band and my Lull T 4.

    My Lull, single pickup. His first production model after two prototypes.

    Here's a pickup, note the corners of the cover - they have the correct radius and don't have folds in the metal. It's a very thin design.

    Tom with his sig.


    Here's a nice white one I shot last time I visited.
  3. Those really are some lovely basses.. right between classic and edgy in styling, and for playable purposes apparently the originals can't stand up to the Lulls.

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