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    I recently acquired a load of huge cocobolo partial logs air dired 20+ years and will be cutting them up this week into neck and body blanks, fingerboards, et cetera. $250 each for quartersawn oversized neck blanks approx. 4" w x 3" thick x 36" long- enough for two necks, $300 for solid two piece book matched quartersawn 1/2" thick drop tops, plenty of fingerboards and other options available. Offers and trades are always encouraged. I'll be milling it all up in the next couple of weeks- some spec and others to order. PM me or call the shop if you have questions or other specific needs. I have a giant old 3500lb Yates bandsaw, so cutting to spec. is no problem. 'Rather keep it in the family and sell to the good folks here. Thanks for looking. Here is one of the logs with one of my Brazilian rosewood mandolins next to it for scale.


    DSCN3635.JPG DSCN3641.JPG

    This a better representation of the color: more of the brighter reds and oranges from the fresh cut. DSCN3658.JPG
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    Ugggggggh one of my favorite woods.