Luthiers or repair shops (other than bell, wilkins) that excel in refinish projects

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    since marty bell and pat wilkins have established themselves as titans here at talkbass in the refinish business, would like to know if there are other names out there who deserve honorable mention.

    i have a neck finish that feels a bit 'plastic-y' under my thumb. not sticky, mind you. just feels 'synthetic'. i figure a poly or nitro finish on top of the current finish will do the trick.

    any recommendations in the Continental U.S.?

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    Thanks for the mention fretno. I appreciate it very much!

    Pat Wilkins is a long time friend of mine. Known him over 25 years and he is a diamond of a human being. Marty Bell is also a great guy and has come to my shop to hang.

    Both Pat and Marty work in urethane and poly only. Marty used to work with lacquer, but he left that behind. I work in nitrocellulose lacquer and that is pretty much what I specialize in.

    If I can be of service, please don't hesitate to reach out.

    If you would like to see some of my finish work i have done for other builders, some pics of the guitars I build under my name, and of course my dogs, you can visit my Instagram page at
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