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  1. I recently stumbled across this in another thread. You apparently use a pistol holster?

    I was just wondering if you could elaborate on what brought you to using such an unorthodox piece? How is it held in place?

    Thanks dude!
  2. Chris Fitzgerald

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    Lynn contacted me yesterday to let me know he was having issues responding to threads recently. We are working on this and he should be able to weigh in again shortly.
  3. Thanks for the update Chris. No rush at all more curiosity than anything else.
  4. Lynn Seaton

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    Hi Brad,
    Many years ago back in my home state of Oklahoma, I was looking for a bow holder. I went to a pawn shop looking for some scrap leather that I could alter or make into something. The shop keeper had a whole box of leather stuff and in that I found a holster. That same holster is in the picture that I will pst below. It is held on by the lower strap that goes around the E and A string. It did wear through after 20 years and you see the replacement in the picture. I since have found other holsters for my other basses. The only caution is to find one that has not been oiled. The oil gets into the bow hair and renders it useless. I like the holsters because they have a wide opening, stay in place, and do not flop around. In this picture one can also see the Shure Beta 56A mic wrapped in foam and stuffed into the bridge.
    Lynn Bow holder and mic front standing.jpg
  5. Thanks Mr. Seaton!