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    $70 Shpd
    These are killer speakers for a home desktop studio. I used them for a while and they reproduce music and my bass tone beautifully. Read the reviews online. You cannot beat these at this price point.

    $70 shipped for the pair
    Paypal and CONUS only

    It's widely known that M-Audio studio speakers are music industry bestsellers*. The accurate sound they provide allows you to go beyond simply enjoying music and videos—to creating your own. And now the Studiophile AV 40 studio monitors bring this same professional legacy to your home. Unlike plastic multimedia speakers, AV 40s use technology that's trusted by top musicians, engineers, and composers: premium woofer and tweeter components for rich lows and crystal-clear highs; waveguides for clarity, detail, and a wider "sweet spot"; and wooden cabinets for tight, punchy sound. They're perfect for creating all kinds of media—and also let you get the most out of your CDs, MP3s, DVDs, and games.

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