M&V Atlas Bass Pickups for MIA P-Bass

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    If you have a 2012 or later Made in America Fender P-Bass you will have noticed that the pickup lengths are not the same as other P-Basses. My surprise came when I ordered a set of M&V guitar Atlas pickups (that were well rated here on TB) and they did not fit..at all.

    I contacted Joe at M&V, who btw is a great guy, and after my using calipers to measure the existing pickups, he manufactured a protoype set. To show my thanks, I had myself and a friend of mine, Dwayne Heggar, the bassist from Emerald City Band (Dallas) do 2 videos to show how the pickups sound.

    We did fast and slow swing blues. Why? one because I love swing, and second swing shows the voicing of the pickups and their cool articulation.

    The P-Bass is not standard. I changed out the pots to 10% tolerance CTS and replaced the capacitor with a paper-in-oil 47 microfarad. The first video is slow swing with the tone knob turned half way up (this is the most P-Bass like sound) :


    The second, with Dwayne playing, is fast swing, with the tone turned all the way up. This is the unique voicing, I believe of the M&V pickups.


    The M&V guitars website is at:

    I am not compensated in any fashion for this post, just wanted to comment on a great product.

    Thanks for reading.

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    Feb 12, 2012
    47 microfarad

    That will make the tone very very dark. 47 uF is
    way too high a value, in my experience.