SOLD M6 and Road Ready 610, RARE!!!

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  1. For sale:

    The Mesa Boogie M6 Carbine I purchased new from GC a couple of years ago. It rocks. No issues. It's in a Mesa Shock rack with a Korg tuner (DTR21???) and a power conditioner and a coolio drawer. $1000

    The Mesa Boogie Road Ready 610 I got used. It has the newer gray paper drivers. It has the player control box on the back. It does NOT come with a front cover. I don't know if they ever did but I had an old Diesel cab that did. The website says 134lbs. I bet it's heavier. It has some delamination issues on the bottom. I'm pretty sure it's from getting dragged across wet grass at several gigs. I really don't think it'd be hard to fix. Still it is the best sound cab I've ever heard. It'll do quiet and slap-your-momma loud. $800

    My reasons for selling are that I'm not gigging and I've had a shoulder injury that necessitates some lighter gear.

    I'd prefer a DFW sale. Prices are firm unless you want it all. Shipping is gonna hurt and is the buyers responsibility.

    I'll get pics up later. Not sure if I can lay the cab over to show the delamination. To be perfect the ply will have to be replaced. It's still structurally sound.

    Let the games begin.

    No paypal. Prefer USPS money order.
  2. The power conditioner is a Furman PL8 Series 2. It has two lights on the front and one on the back. The Korg Tuner is a DTR1000. The drawer is a two space that holds effects, mikes, cables. I really liked it on the road.
  3. $1400 for all
  4. Well this sucks. Since the change over I've gotten no traffic here or in my messages. Still cant do anything on the old iPhone either. Sigh.
  5. custom300


    Jan 19, 2013
    I'll throw ya a new website software bump for an awesome rig...can't beat Mesa. Glwts
  6. Hey thanks least I know that its visible!!!
  7. 73jbass

    73jbass Supporting Member

    Apr 17, 2004
    Sell the M6 by itself?
  8. Thinking about it. Would rather sell the amp, tuner, power, drawer and case. I'll get back to you tomorrow.
  9. Price lowered $1300 for all!!!
  10. Smokin' deal...where are all my Dallas peeps???
  11. Sold

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