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  1. Watched 'Wings Over The World' last night, and realised how impressed I am with Macca's playing. Great tone, great basslines.
    In particular 'Silly Love Songs' - from this live set, is just an immense driving riff that carries the whole song and is delivered with ease and aplomb. For me, one of the great 'hidden' basslines.
    Super stuff.
  2. Just getting into those isolated tracks now. Jamerson is my hero, so lots of delights for me there! (I could listen to Bernadette on loop all night long).

    As for McCartney, I agree. As an ex punk, I'm used to the Ricky sound having an ever so slightly distorted edge, ie - the key to that sound is the top. When Macca plays a Ricky there's a lot more around the lower middle coming through, and his tone - certainly when playing a Ricky, is instantly recognisable. He's a seriously good bassist, and deserves all such accolades. Befitting, I suppose, for one of the true pioneers of 4 string electric bass.