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Mackie 1400i parts crisis??

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by konabass, Nov 30, 2004.

  1. I've got a Mackie 1400i in the shop since last July awaiting a main board replacement (ebay learning lesson) and my audio guy says it's STILL 3-4 weeks away. There have been several follow-throughs with the regular Mackie parts people, but the board is always "3 to 4 weeks away". Am I the only 1400i owner that is having this problem with Mackie's reorganization? Are there other Mackie parts problems similar to mine. I read several months ago here on TB, that Mackie was going through an ownership change and to expect quality issues and other QC or service problems to surface. I want to believe that if I were to replace this with yet another 1400i, will I end up in the same boat somewhere down the road. (I can already hear the keyboards clicking....QSC,QSC, Crest, etc....)

    I'm now assisting my audio tech in trying to locate a replacement board...anybody have clues or favorite audio supply people to refer me to?
  2. Why didn't you send it directly to Mackie?

    We didn't JUST have a "reorganization". We simply had all our divisions aligned under a corporate umbrella, "LOUD Technologies". The last aquisition action happenned a few years ago actually...with moves to offshore production, etc...and that is key in part of your problem. ...production needs come first with current parts, obviously.

    That couldn't be more incorrect.

    PM me with some info. I maybe could find a board.
  3. Firstly, I have brought all my equipment to this guy for several years now, and he performs ALL the warranty work on this Island for virtually all brands, including Mackie, Ampeg, SWR, JBL, Yamaha, Roland, (too many to name here). He just moved over from Calif and has been doing this kind of work for over 30 years. He's good.
    Secondly, I didn't think to send it to Mackie, because HE does Mackie units, which I see in his shop almost everytime I visit.
    Do you work for Mackie? I didn't see anything on your post indicating this. Are you implying that if I send it to Mackie, then they will come up with the parts, whereas, if a private Audio specialist orders parts, then they WON'T have access to these parts? Or that Mackie will only provide parts for their own repairs but not for private audio repair people?
  4. That's fine, I simply asked.

    I work for EAW, a subsidiary of Mackie.

    I implied no such thing. I simply asked a question.

    Again, I said nor implied no such thing. I do not know of Mackie's policy, but as I DID say, I work closely to an area where alot of product is brought for service. I also said I might be able to locate a proper part. You seem very defensive...I trust I am mistaken. But you did post some things in error in re: to the company that I shed some light upon. I guess it wasn't my place to do that. Very sorry you're having problems with your 1400i. Best of luck with that.
  5. (You seem very defensive...I trust I am mistaken. But you did post some things in error in re:)

    I DID get defensive. If you read my original post, I am looking for the board because something, someone, some procedure at Mackie is really having some technical difficulties. Having to wait close to 5 months for a part while being told "we'll have the part in 3-4 weeks" is over the top, wouldn't you say?

    All the information and speculation on Mackie's "reorg" was read right here in TB several months ago. If you doubt me, then do a search.

    I have had nothing but good happen with Mackie products over the years, but this experience is starting to change that. A product is made good with sound engineering and manufacturing, but is made better by the service AFTER the sale. Waiting close to 5 months would be one thing...being told "3-4 week delivery" every month is quite another. I still have numerous Mackie products and I'm not knocking the brand. But if people out there are experiencing similar problems, then we are starting to see a trend, and that might prevent me from another Mackie purchase, or at the least, much closer comparision shopping.
  6. Jazzbassman23


    Apr 20, 2000
    Obviously, the quality of a product is most important, but I always judge a business by how they handle a problem when it arises. This does not speak well for Mackie. I say that, making the assumption that your repair guy is being truthful with you. Have you contacted Mackie directly to inquire?
  7. I PM'd Mon on this. He is on the inside with Mackie. He's checking on this for me.
  8. uglybassplayer


    Aug 24, 2001
    New Jersey
    Have you spoken with someone from Mackie directly about your board, or are you just taking the word of your local service guy? I ask this because I had a similar situation (not music gear related though) a few years ago and the problem turned out to be the service location, a place I've dealt with on a number of other occasions without any problems (in this case they either never ordered the part, misplaced it or used it for someone else.). I ended up going through a different place and the part was ordered from the manufacturer, received and installed within 3 weeks.

    - Frank.