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  1. I bought a used Mackie 1400i power amp, and it seemed to work fine, but i think their maybe something wrong with it. I have a Peavey Pro 410 (700watts, 8 ohms) and a 1x15 w/ an Eminence Legend (300watts, 8ohms). I am using a Peavy RAXX Preamp.

    The problem is that whenever i try to push the amp loud i get the internal short light coming on when i peak out. I was wondering if any of you guys have had this problem?

    I have tried it in a couple of different modes:

    Bridged at 4ohms, Both Cabs
    Bridged at 8ohms, Peavey Pro
    Mono at 8ohms, Peavey Pro
    Mono at 4ohms, Both cabs

    the mono at 4ohms gives me the most volume. I am wondering if their could be a problem with my amp, or if i am just trying to push it to hard.
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    I use a MAckie 1400i (I have 2 of them) and have not had this problem. Any chance that maybe the Peavey is pushing too hot of a signal? I dunno....maybe someone else more technically savvy than I will pop in.
  4. i was just wondering if your speakers are pushed to hard whether or not this would happen?.

    i am running the attenuation knob almost at full tilt.
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    I'm only somewhat familiar with that model, but what is the "internal short light"? I've never heard of that in a power amp and am wondering what it actually is.
  6. i think may have figured it out. It comes on when i am pushing my speakers to hard, or when their impedence is around or below 2 ohms. also i think it was because i was running a +3 volt signal into it and the spread sheet says input sensitivity is 1.23 volts. maximum input is around 10 volts though.

    the internal short is to protect the power amp from blowing from a direct short, and to protect my speakers from frying. i ordered an avatar b212 neo, so i think i will be ok to run it at near full power :bassist:

    I play with a LOUD guitarist :scowl:
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    You shouldn't have a problem with what you are pushing. Check the sensitivity level going to the amp. You may have to back off the volume from the preamp a little and drive volume with the amp output. Unless you guitar player is deaf, you should have more than enough volume. I use a 1400 and quite often I'm too loud for the PA
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    I use a 1400 also and have never had this problem , try turning down the input line level of your preamp.
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    I too have a brace of these amps and have not had your trouble. However your second post gives a clue. These amps IIRC are 2 ohms minimum per channel. If you are running into less that this the amp will go into protect mode which sounds to me like what you are describing.

    I run the channel level controls on the amp fully open, my master about 50% and control my voulume using my gain control.

    You should also carefully check your speaker cables and cabinets for intermittent shorts.

  11. well my two cabs would only be running at 4 ohms, in bridged mode it is said to be acceptable.

    it running fine right now in stereo mode at 8 ohms (300 watts)
    I am running stereo with my 800rb running my other 8 ohm cab. Next week i will be getting another 8 ohm cab, and i will see if that cab will work better at running the 1400i at 4 ohms bridged. i need my 1500 watts :bassist: