Mackie 2600 or QSC PLX3402???

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    Nov 24, 2001
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    How's everybody!? I have a question for all you power-mad, trouser-flapping, toupee removing, sub-Hz freaks. I'm looking to up my power amp section with possibly a QSC PLX 3402 or a Mackie 2600 to replace my Carvin 2000. My gear in tow is: Kern & ADA pre-amps through a BBE sonic maximizer(run ADA dirty), 2x18 w/Kern, 2x15 or Acme B4(depending on mood) w/ADA. Currently I'm using a Dingwall 5 dropped to "A". Now I know my rig might be overkill for some but my band will promise you dirty draws(AKA the "BROWN" note) because I'm up against 2 full stacks(VHT & Mesa), keys, & a very angry drummer. I don't wan't an ELF sys, & I just want a little more head-room. Both cabs are 4ohm, the 18's are good for 16K w & the others 12K w. I'm pushing 700 w now. BTW, a lot of the shows I play lack "GOOD" PA's. PS, if you care for a sample go to Thanks all!

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    Sep 29, 2001
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    What's wrong with the Carvin DCM2000? Just recently, they upgraded it to the 2001 model. A few changes have taken place in efficiency, distortion levels, and amount of actual wattage. You should reconsider them for live use.

    If you're wanting a poweramp that does studio use, get the QSC PLX 3402 because of the small distortion level. The smaller the better because distortion of tracks become very noticeable, yet on stage, not so. The Mackie takes a 20 amp plug. Do you have circuit plugs that do 20 amp? If you do, all the power to you, yet the Mackie still wouldn't be my 1st, or 2nd choice. The QSC is a decent poweramp.

    I still say the Carvin is a great poweramp for live use. It's just incredible for the price it's at.