Mackie/Alesis/Custom Patchbay System $1750

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  1. This is my old portable studio system. The electronics are from the mid-90's. The patchbays were custom-made, originally costing around 3K$. The main patchbay is wired for the mixer terminations in the main case. The half-loaded patchbay is wired to two DL multipin connectors. These connect to 2- 15 ft., 24-pair snakes made for connecting 2- satellite racks with 12 I/O in each. The snakes' terminations are mostly 1/4" balanced, with a few XLR's and RCA plugs. The system can be easily modified for your setup. The main patchbay has switching jacks on the bottom row, so you can wire it for normal connections. This system was made with Switchcraft patchbays and connectors, and Mogami Easy ID cable. The price includes the Mackie, the Alesis,the power strip, the 10-space SKB rack, the 2 patchbays, and the 2 snakes. I'm keeping the little compressor... I am willing to discuss breaking up the system. Please PM me your questions and your phone number if you are interested. Let's make a deal!

    I'm posting the following 3 pics to show the patchbays in action. At the time, I had 16 tracks ADAT, 20 tracks of MOTU, assorted outboard gear, and synths- all available on patch to the Mackie. I could patch up complicated chains without ever needing to get behind the racks. That's what patchbays are for! The bass porn and pug are for your viewing pleasure only!


    These are the only items for sale, individually priced:
    $300-Mackie LM3204
    $175-Alesis QuadraVerb
    $75-10-space SKB rack with power strip
    $700-Full 96 point Switchcraft patchbay, fully wired to connectors
    $500-Half 48 point patchbay, wired to 2-DL/panel, and 2-15', 24-pair snakes wired to individual connectors

    I also am available for system design consultation, system fabrication, electronics repairs, engineering, programming. 35 years in the biz. Small jobs or big jobs... no problem. Let me know how I can help you.

    Here are some pictures of a system I just made for a friend in Los Angeles. He had gotten this patchbay in trade. I added normaling connections and some multed DB25's for an Apogee Rosetta, and I used the existing wire and added specific connectors for the gear.

    Contact me. Thanks! Mark
  2. I need to sell this stuff. Everything is negotiable. Talk to me, even if you just want to comment, or have questions.:hyper::D
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    How much for the dog?

    Also, what kind of power strip comes with the SKB 10u?