No longer available Mackie DL806 or DL1608 mixer rack ears base plate mount - $40

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  1. Pete Hand

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    Jul 27, 2004
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    Rack mount powder-coated base plate to put a Mackie DL806 or a Mackie DL1608 into a rackmount 9-unit gig case. I recommend a 10-unit case, if you intend to also mount a WiFi router in the box. I also put a powerstrip in mine.

    New (list price) on this is $99; Amazon has it for $60. I am asking enough that it will cover packing and mailing with a bit left over to enjoy. I already sold my mixer here on TB.

    Images are provided here for product info and reference. The Anvil rack and the mixer in the photos are not included in this listing. Take a good look and ensure it is correct for your application before buying. All sales final.

    US mailing rate for US delivery is included in the asking price, or you can come to the studio to pay and take it then.




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