Mad Squier P-Bass

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  1. $200, comes with nice rigid foam / soft cover gig-case and Schaller strap locks.

    * "A" type (narrow) P-neck, rosewood;
    * 25 year-old Seymor Duncan p'up, nice, warm mellow sound, low-output, great for bass-specific fuzz or distortion boxes;
    * Custom artwork on 3-ply W/B/W pick guard;
    * Hand carved thumb rest, Mahogany. Stages from even with the butt of neck to string-spacing distance from E string as your right hand approaches the pickup position.

    Strap buttons have been relocated, to accommodate personal ergonomic needs. It's to bring the headstock/nut end of the bass closer to the player, so your left arm isn't so fatigued by the stretched out, palm-up position.

    There's a small ding in the neck, on the bass side.

    The bass is a killer player- sweet as all get-out- and sounds woody and gorgeous. Phat but not bloated, sleek and tight-sounding. Great for funk, country. Rivals my Fender for who gets to be the keeper... but I'm down and lean for the next year, and the woodpile is brought down to a skeleton crew with this sale. Necessity- after all, I only have two hands... :p

    Here are some pix... and I'll do a partial swap for a nice table-top strobe tuner, octave pedal, A set of D'Daddario Half-Rounds (40-95), or a 4-input computer audio interface. Otherwise the price is firm. Thanks for looking!





  2. Bump it up...
  3. Bumpin'. I don't know how to sell this bass, but she's got mojo and a sweet sound. A player's player.
  4. Still up for sale. Offers considered...
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