SOLD Madbean Lowrider (Pearl Octaver clone)

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    Got this from a fellow TB'r.

    This is a Pearl Octaver clone with the PCB built by Madbean Pedals and handmade by someone other than me. Works great but does pop a little loudly when turned on and off via the footswitch.

    There is an internal trimpot to control the strength of the upper octave. I've left it about 1/2 way up.

    Find out about Madbean Pedals here:

    Original build instructions (PDF link):


    Info from Madbean:

    There are very few clean, analog octave down projects available to DIY’ers. The Pearl® Octaver™ is
    ofers not only one and two octaves down, but an octave up and very respectable tracking. The Low
    Rider is a faithful reproduction on the circuit, available for the first time in a throughhole layout on a single PCB.

    CLEAN: The clean signal volume
    UOCT1: Octave up volume
    DOCT1: 1 st octave down volume
    DOCT2: 2 nd octave down volume
    TRIM: Sets the overal strength of the upper octave
    · The four pots are independent of each other. This means you can dial in any blend of clean, octave up, 1 st and 2 nd octave down. This is a super cool feature!
    · To set the trimpot, turn the CLEAN, DOCT1, DOCT2 al the way down and the OCT1 al the
    way up. Now adjust the trimpot for the most prominent upper octave you can achieve.



    Only interested in the following trades right now:

    Trade interests +/- cash:

    • Infanem Second Voice
    • EQD Bit Commander
    • Boss Bass Synth SYB-5
    • TWA Great Divide
    • Red Panda Bitmap
    • Red Panda Particle
    • Aguilar Chorusaurus
    • Geiger Counter - Bass
    • Cali76 Compressor
    • Whirlwind OC Bass Compressor
    • Wren & Cuff Tall Font Russian
    • JangleBox J-Gate Noise Gate
    • FEA Compressors
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