Made a fiberboard pickguard

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  1. PennyroyalWe


    Sep 2, 2018
    I wanted to try out this tele bass pickup, and this $30 beater bass seemed the perfect guinea pig. I cut it out with a jig saw, and used a coping saw for the curve of the neck pocket and the pickup hole. It only took about an hour, could have been less if I didn’t keep needing tools from the other room :banghead:. It was a fun afternoon project, and it looks good enough for the bass it’s on. It’s some thin fiberboard, not sure of the exact specifications because the shelves were so disheveled, but it was $4 for a 2’x4’.
    6F79309F-46A2-423B-A07D-FAC68DF90316.jpeg B408DB03-803F-4D2A-BA4F-A3425D7B1F36.jpeg D5DEA6D6-206E-4741-A4FF-03C3D5B85D41.jpeg
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