Made the decision, what next?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Macbeth56, May 12, 2004.

  1. Ok, after a few months of saving up, I get up to 1,000. Comes the time for a big decision. A american series jazz bass, or a musicamn stingray.
    My decision-

    4 string, MIM Fender Jazz.


    Because I move around so much when I play, and things like that, it was really hard to throw down 1,000, when I will be needing a car soon also. What things should I buy to add to it to make it a better bass. First of all, I am thinking of buying a badass bridge, whats next after that?

    What do you think of my decision, and also, waht shall i add now?

  2. Why add something ?

    If you just got it and want to build it up to,.....what a MIA Jazz bass ?
  3. i just want to change a few things that would make it a little better. nothing drastic.
  4. Good move, the fender standard bridge is a piece of junk.
  5. just a question, but if you want the badass bridge, why not look at the Geddy Lee jazz? that has a badass bridge and a few extra features, and half the price of a MIA jazz.

    just a suggestion...

  6. you could buy a badass or gotoh 201 bridge. that would be a good start, it is amazing how much a nice bridge can improve a basses overall sound.
  7. why not look into a CIJapan fender? You can get many sig-models CIJ (geddys, Millers, Jaco plus more likely), these have great build qualities, good reviews, and US pickups! :)

    fair enough it's probably around $200 more :meh: but you could end up spending that much if you buy a new bridge/strings/pups for your MIM!
  8. I would go for a Marcus Miller. You can pick one up used for a good price. I wouldn't start adding a bunch of stuff to the MIM.