Magic Wand for trigger fingers / CTS

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  1. Sinserif


    Mar 23, 2020
    The Hague
    I found this mysterious device on my wife's nightstand that I think she uses to massage her neck.

    Since I am suffering from a mild case of 'trigger finger' that is threatening to turn CTS, I had a crazy idea to massage the palm of my hand and wrist with it at night.
    I think it is working quite well. I'm not a therapist but I would say that it stimulates blood circulation, reducing the numbness I feel in the morning.

    Of course, it is not advisable to abandon physical therapy exercises but I think that as a complement, it is quite good.

    Warning: don't use it at full speed and stop if it's painful.

  2. JimmyM

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    I wouldn't do anything like this without consulting your doctor first since while it could be beneficial at first, it could make things worse further along. But I do hope it helps.
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  3. Chef

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    If this goes anywhere untoward, it will be ticketsville. You were warned.
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  4. Sinserif


    Mar 23, 2020
    The Hague
    My bet is that if it doesn't produce any harm on other spots, it will probably won't harm a few swollen tendons if used in moderation. I'll take care, don't worry.
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