Mahogany or Walnut

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  1. ok, so im revisiting my MM'd Pbass project that i kind of abandoned a while back and im on to the body, I'm going to be getting a warmoth P bass rear routed body. im just down to wood ive seen some really nice looking walnut in these threads lately but i also know mahogany is a beautiful sounding wood but its heavy as all get out...

    so what are some of the pros and cons to either one? the price isnt really a big deal since they're both about the same (200/mahogany vs. 235/ walnut)
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    Doesn't the Warmoth site have a page explaining the general differences in woods? Might be the Allparts site. I think, in general terms, mahogany's tone is considered more rounded while walnut is slightly brighter with good upper-mid response. I'm far from an expert though. Walnut looks better IMO.
  3. the page was '404 error' when i tried to look at the description page a while i came here
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    I always thought of walnut as more dense/heavier than mahogany. Either way, mahogany never struck me as a particularly heavy wood. Heavier than swamp ash and alder generally, but not heavy compared to ebony, bubinga or wenge.

    But I'm not a builder so take everything with a grain of salt.
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    "Mahogany" can vary in weight a great deal I haven't noticed that in Walnut as much but I haven't worked with it as much either...t
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    Having both a nice sound I prefer the looks of walnut. Walnut makes me remember chocolate which is my drug :)
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    I think walnut looks nicer as well, sounds great too!
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    +1, but African mahogany is nice in looks too. I think it is a little more red then typical mahogany.
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    From my experience, same here. I have had very light Mahogany boards, and some rather dense ones. Walnut usually seems to be in the same weight range, although Walnut has more grain variation than I have seen in Mahogany.

    I can't offer any advice or experience on the tone of Walnut, but I love Mahogany! My two favorite basses have solid Mahogany bodies and it definitely gives it a killer warm sound. It's the perfect sound for Finger / Tap / Chording. That is, if you're running through my set up with my EQ's, results will vary!
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    Mahogany, African
    34-36 pounds per cubic foot, specific gravity .54 to .59

    Mahogany, American
    34-40 pounds per cubic foot, specific gravity .54 to .64

    Walnut, American
    40 pounds per cubic foot, specific gravity .64

    Walnut, European
    40 pounds per cubic foot, specific gravity .64

    Walnut, South American
    40 pounds per cubic foot, specific gravity .65

    Source: “World Woods in Color” by William A. Lincoln, 1986, Linden Publishing, Fresno, CA ISBN 0-941936-20-1
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