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Major bloated GAS attack!

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by BlizzardBass, Mar 28, 2009.

  1. I have never heard of these before until I saw the banner ad. This looks really slick. Anyone ever tried one before? Clover is the brand.

  2. jazzboi


    Jan 10, 2008
    I was fortunate enough to hear and play not this model,but the Avenger 5 walnut. It is a marvellous instrument,really tight sounding,with plenty of growl,and really balanced and clean sound. The neck feels really good too. My only problem with it is I have to wait so long to get one in Hungary. :) But otherwise its a mighty fine instrument.

    Sadly I haven't got any impression about the Argo 5 model you've mentioned above,but I think that should be a superb instrument as well..

    Hope it helped you a little,take care!
  3. I've lusted after a Clover Argo5 for a while, but have never seen one in the flesh. The Australian distributor is a local luthier who only lives 15min from me, but I have never been able to get him to return my phone call.

    We get a lot of UK music magazines over here and I have seen lots of adverts for Clover and great reviews of Clover basses in them. Obviously they'd be better known in the UK/European markets than the US, where you have so many high profile local manufacturers.

    They come equipped with Delano pickups, which I know a couple of local bass players are using and they rave about them.

    There's a couple of reviews on Harmony Central: http://reviews.harmony-central.com/reviews/Electric+Bass/brand/Clover


    Andy in Oz
  4. Oh and the Argo5.2 (P/J) and 5.1 fretless are the ones that float my boat visually. I'm sure you can guess which is which :D



    Andy in Oz

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