SOLD Major Pedal Sale: Dunwich, SS/BS, Southampton & Much More

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    Time to unload some surplus pedals, some great finds here. Everything in excellent condition and fully functional. Willing to ship anywhere in the EU for free, and anywhere else as long as the buyer pays the freight. Happy hunting and PM me with any questions. NO TRADES PLEASE.

    Dunwich Volt Thrower w/blend - 400€ - SOLD
    This is Nick's prototype for the full size VT with a blend. Acid etch, #000. Can't find the box, unfortunately.

    VT front.jpg VT guts.jpg

    Dunwich Olde Dirty Bass 125B Custom - 350€ - SOLD
    ODB 125B custom with acid etch. Of note: the Gain and Volume pots are switched, so Gain controls volume and Volume controls gain, but everything functions perfectly. Comes with box.

    ODB front.jpg ODB guts.jpg

    Smallsound/Bigsound Team Awesome Fuzz Machine - 165€ - SOLD
    Comes with box.

    TAFM front.jpg TAFM box.jpg

    Earthquaker Devices Avalanche Run V1 - 265€ - SOLD
    Comes with box, bag, power adaptor & manual


    Southampton Fifth Gear V1 - 75€ - SOLD
    No box, unfortunately.


    Cog Custom Blender - SOLD
    Awesome blend pedal that packs an incredible amount of features into a 125B footprint. Comes with box.


    3 Leaf Audio PWNZOR Compressor - 300€ - SOLD
    Probably the best 125B compressor I've ever played. OVNILAB Review here. Comes with box, bag and manual.

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    PM sent re COG.
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