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    (Mods: Not sure if this or Recordings is the best thread)

    In another thread I started to think out loud about how George Porter Jr. (The Meters) would approach a simple, yet funky Fred Thomas (James Brown) groove. Particularly James Brown's "Make it Funky". It's admittedly not my favorite JB tune, but it has a nice groove. The problem for me is that the song doesn't really go anywhere. I'm wondering how might George Porter Jr. make it more interesting?

    So, lets have some fun with this tune and join in for a friendly contest (and a great little study in groove)!

    What is your interpretation of George Porter Jr. playing Fred Thomas' groove on this track?

    Hear's how it'll work...
    1. Linked in the bottom of this post you will find an edited version of “Make it Funky”. I've eq'd out the bass, and trimmed it. 4+ minutes is enough.
    2. The original recording (almost 13 full minutes) is included here as a YouTube video (please note that this is for educational purposes only and is not intended as copyright infringement, and should be covered under the Fair Use Act. It's also not my channel).
    3. Import the edited track into your favorite recording software, doesn't need to be fancy (Garageband works just fine for me).
    4. Get in touch with your inner GPJ and record your interpretation of this groove. You can edit and punch in as much or as little as you want/need, feel free to use the technology available, but play an electric bass.
    5. Email your submission in mp3 format to me at [email protected]. I'll anonymize the submissions and put them up on Soundcloud for listening/voting.
    6. After the submission deadline Sunday 10/22/17 11:59 pm, I'll put all the anonymous submissions in a single post and create a poll.
    7. After the poll closes the version with the most votes will win either a TB shirt or coffee mug (your choice) courtesy of our founding father, @paul. Thanks Paul!

    Things to consider...
    1. Don't lose sight of the original groove. Fred Thomas is a groove master, lets treat him right!
    2. George Porter Jr. is a groove master, lets make him proud!
    3. Aside from just the groove and a cool funky bass line, consider also your tone and your bass in mix with the rest of the track. Maybe you want a brighter J-Bass tone that stands out, Maybe you want more of the old-school P-Bass thump that sits back, creating a deep pocket. It's your choice. :)

    Ultimately, for me, this is about exploring my playing, a study in groove from 2 different angles. I'm curious about what would happen if I take this “thing” and re-interpret it through the lens of someone else. I want to ask myself, does that sound like something GPJ might play, while keeping it true to the original? I'm interested to hear how other bass players would approach this kind of study...

    Who's in???

    Submit your version to me at [email protected] by Sunday 10/22/17 11:59 PM

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