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Make my Jazz sound like a Stingray?

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by Bassometer, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. Hey fine TB folks, I have an American Standard Jazz Bass, 5-string (a newer one).. Every time I go to the local music store (Long & McQuades) I keep falling in love with the tone of a 5-string Stingray Classic (2 band eq model), what a killer tone. Doesn't matter what amp I run it through (Ampeg, GK, Mesa) it sounds good in it's own way through all of them.

    How do I get that tone from my Jazz Bass? (without dropping $1,800 on the Stingray). Somebody told me that there are some pick-ups I can drop in that will get me close to that tone but I can't remeber what they were Dimarzio Ultra Jazz's maybe?

    Any thoughts?
  2. bottomzone


    Oct 21, 2005
  3. Let It Fall

    Let It Fall Banned

    Oct 15, 2009
    Baton Rouge
    It simply wont happen, anyone who thinks you can make a jazz sound like a stingray doesn't know what a stingray sounds like.

    Sorry, but you can get stingrays on ebay for 800$ A flea street bass [250$] sounds very close. So does a 200$ squire jaguar.

    Close still not a ray but at least you have the humbucker.
  4. Adam Wright

    Adam Wright Supporting Member

    Jun 6, 2002
    GHS Strings
    You can't get that tone from a jazz. It won't happen without routing out your bass with a stingray style pickup in the exact same position between the neck and bridge that a stingray pickup sits in(expensive and will potentially damage any re-sale value your bass has).
  5. pica


    Nov 26, 2009
    I have a thought. Sell your Jazz and buy the Stingray.
  6. I am saddened
  7. hufe


    Mar 21, 2011
    Tijuana, Mexico
    There you go!
  8. SGD Lutherie

    SGD Lutherie Banned Commercial User

    Aug 21, 2008
    Bloomfield, NJ
    Owner, SGD Music Products
    I'll say this, if you put the classic 2-band preamp in a bass other than a Stingray, it will sound remarkably like a Stingray.

    I say this from experience. I have my version of the classic 2-band preamp in my Ibanez SR-885LE, which has two of my Neo Jazzbuckers, which are narrow aperture humbuckers. When I crank the highs and lows up I get the perfect Tony Levin tone. I was actually surprised how much the preamp plays a role in the Stingray tone.

    So it is possible to get very close with the right pickups and preamp.
  9. You have given me hope
  10. Adam Wright

    Adam Wright Supporting Member

    Jun 6, 2002
    GHS Strings
    Any soundclips?
  11. SGD Lutherie

    SGD Lutherie Banned Commercial User

    Aug 21, 2008
    Bloomfield, NJ
    Owner, SGD Music Products
    I don't have any with the preamp... I'll have to record some.

    This was the bass without the preamp in a recording session.


    This wasn't supposed to sound like a Stingray, but it has that kind of grind going on. I think this was both pickups on and played with a pick.

    I make a demo with the preamp later tonight.
  12. CertifiedLurker


    Nov 20, 2008
    Another person saying that it isn't going to happen. You're better off getting a Ray. Another option would be to look into an HS Stingray or an Ibanez ATK 750 for the best of both worlds. In position 2 (5-way switch) it is set to a Stingray's tone. In position 4 it sounds like an active Jazz.
  13. I disagree, also from experience.
    I think the Stingray sound owes more to the position of the pickup, and then pickup type, than to the preamp.

    To the op: look for a SUB5 bass. Not expensive and oozes Stingrayness.
  14. ugly_bassplayer

    ugly_bassplayer Supporting Member

    Jan 21, 2009
    Not possible. Sorry.
  15. SGD Lutherie

    SGD Lutherie Banned Commercial User

    Aug 21, 2008
    Bloomfield, NJ
    Owner, SGD Music Products
    What type of pickup is it? It's a low impedance wide humbucker. Now on my bass I have narrow slightly higher impedance humbuckers. These were actually modeled off my wide aperture humbuckers, but shrunk down. They sound remarkably similar.

    They sound a bit thinner, which then puts them in Stringray territory. The pickup position? Yes and no. I have a fretless with a single pickup there. It originally had an EMG DC, which was voiced to sound like a Stingray, and was intended to be placed in that spot. The bass had a nice grown to it, but didn't sound like a Stingray.

    On the other hand, I did a numer of basses like this for a guy:


    So, the right pickups and preamp, but the wrong position. Did it sound like a Stingray? Well it sure didn't sound like a Jazz. It was closer to a Stingray.

    So it's a combination of things. If you stuck a MM pickup in the right spot on a Jazz and got a 2 band preamp, it will sound pretty much like a Stingray. Even if you move the pickup a little, it's a little deeper or tighter, but it's the same tone.

    But the unexpected thing was hearing my Ibanez get recognizable Stingray tones when I wasn't even trying. I didn't know what the 2-band would sound like in that bass, and wasn't expecting a Stingray tone, but it's pretty damn close, and wasn't meant to be.

    I'll try and post some clips later or tomorrow.

    Oh, and I'd rather have a Stingray than a Jazz bass any day. ;)
  16. Matt R.

    Matt R.

    Jul 18, 2007
    Huntsville AL
    Nonsense! He could just remove the G string. :D
  17. cool looking bass
  18. Hevy T

    Hevy T Supporting Member

    Jan 11, 2011
    Lethbridge, AB Canada
    How about a modern player or blacktop p pickup in the bridge position, but expand the pickup rout towards the neck, rather than towards the bridge. And if you wanted it to look uniformed then do the same to the neck pickup.


    So both pickups would be about 3/4 in ajead of where they are in the photo. Then do the preamp thing, with a coil tap and a series parallel switch, would be killer IMHO... Man looking at this pic is making me have gas again and I already have another bass on order aggghhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! GAS I H8 UUUUUUU
  19. fenderhutz

    fenderhutz Supporting Member

    Jan 28, 2007
    Harpers Ferry WV
    Sell your jazz and get a Sterling ray34 import. Sounds almost identical to my US stingray I had I bought new in 2005. You can get them used for less than 400 on guitar centers used site.
  20. Craig_S

    Craig_S Banned

    Oct 15, 2008
    Metro Detroit
    Roll the front pickup off a bit, play between the pickups and be happy you got close? I have a 3 band SR5 and a couple Jazz basses. They never sound exactly like each other.

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