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  1. i'm thinking of doing a makeover of my amp..


    the housing is all messy and sticky from beer that was thrown towards us at our first gig ( :( ), and the buttons have a nasty crackle when you adjust them..

    so.. i'm thinking of replacing the potmeters, and building a new housing for it.

    i'm thinking of making a 60x80x50 box out of 1" thick hardwood, and then glue+nail some black carpet on it..
    Then i'm thinking of making some white-coloured grid in front of the speaker, but i don't know how ( yet )

    The buttons etc will be on the front side as well..

    A friend of mine told me that i should make a hole in the front, next to the speaker, and put a tube in it that leads to about 4" of the backside of the cabined, coz it will increase low-tones.. i hav emy doubts to be honest..

    Got any tips for me ? thanx !
  2. buy a new one!! it's probably cheaper and will sound a LOT better than any box you can build if you are not an experienced cabinet builder..some guy's who post here are cabinet builders maybe they can help, but I would buy a new one (thats just me ..I need instant gratifacation) just my two cents worth
  3. Do yourself a favor: buy a new one. Building is a serious amount of grief, worse if you are new to it.
  4. hmm...


    what's a good amp in the $500 / $1000 range ?
    Preferrably one that can produce quite some sound, coz it's for gigs too...

    I prefer a combo, coz it saves space.. but i heard that seperate components usually soung better..