Making a Band Video in iMovie

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    May 19, 2011
    Hey all, I'm having a lot of trouble making a video for my band in iMovie from clips and photos from our gigs. It's a lot harder than I thought. The original intent was to make a quick and dirty video that's essentially four or five 20-30 second clips that give the viewer the general gist of what we sound like "in action." The biggest issue for me comes from the most complete clip we have- it's a single 48 minute long video (Quicktime format)of our second set on New Years Eve. I can't figure out how to chop it down song by song or even into arbitrary 30 second clips, much less patch together a fully functional video from it.

    This seems way harder than it should be- what's my issue?
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    The new version of iMovie is a little harder to figure out than the older version, but what you want to do can be done in iMovie. You import the whole clip, then select and cut out the part or part you want and put them into a movie. This link shows the process, in addition to recording with Garageband and syncing the audio to an iMovie clip. He is using the older version but this gives you an idea: