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  1. Well, my dad has given me the okay to order parts and make a bass using some Warmoth parts and other stuff (pickups,etc.). I was planning to get an ash body that has a MM/J configuration, a J neck, Seymour Duncan Bassline pickups, a Gotoh or some other kind of bridge, and some good tuners. Has anybody here made a bass using Warmoth materials, and how easy was it to assemble? Thanks!
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    <b>Has anybody here made a bass using Warmoth materials?</b>
    <img src="">

    It's not the best pic, but it's my favorite bass!!!

    <b>How easy was it to assemble?</b>
    Putting it together was a breeze. The electronics took longest. It took me & a friend 3 nites after his shop closed. Maybe a tatal of 5 hrs labor.

    With the p/u configuration you're going for, use a P-bass body, I've seen J-bodies w/that config, & they looked totally weird. Also, b4 you order anything, look @ the <a href="><font color=red><b>Warmoth Thrift Shop.</b></font></a> You will get a much better deal on a finished body there. Good luck & keep us updated!!!
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    I built a bass with a Warmoth body and an old Fender neck I had. I had Warmoth rout the body for two P style pickups. Everything went together smooth as silk -- Warmoth definitely knows how to make stuff to fit Fender parts. You can order from them with confidence. Be sure to tell them any information you have.
  4. I just finished my first Warmoth bass. I recently had a thread on it called 'Warmoth Bass'. Check it out if you havn't seen it. It's the best looking and sounding bass I have. I strongly recommend Warmoth. It was easy to put together; I agree that the electronics were the hardest part, but it turned out good.
    Good Luck!

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  5. Actually, I think this one is pretty cool:
    Does anyone know how I could obtain a Seymour Duncan MM Pickup? I've never seen them anywhere at the local stores. Thanks!
  6. For my senior project, I'd like to build a Gecko Bass, but I'm not too sure myself about it. Does it come with an active pre-amp? I know they sell active pickups for it. Anyway, the bass looks kickin' and I think it'd be cool to build a bass.
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    Feb 2, 2001
    Staten Island NYC
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    Warmoth carries Seymour Duncan p/u's. When you are ready to order the parts, just ask for the p/u's as well.