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    I have a bass with two passive humbuckers and an eq circuit. I would like to make a bypass for the eq, but how would you wire the push/pull pot? Any help appreciated! :)
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    Well, let me be specific.
    The SE3A is my exact circuit.

    Would a push/pull suffice? I know it is possible to bypass, but how? What do I wire to the pot if it will work? Or do I need a DPDT switch?
  3. Sorry about the late reply, I hadn't seen yours till now.

    You can use a Push/Pull pot if you find one of the same value as your volume pot. If not, you can use a mini toggle switch. This would be the wiring:


    Note that I've drawn it like that for clarity but if you were using a Push/Pull it would be upside down on the picture, i.e. "up" would be active and "down" would be passive.

    Also, I'm assuming that, of the two wires that go from the balance pot PCB to the middle pot PCB, the top one is hot and the bottom one is ground. If it's the other way round, swap the connections in both PCBs accordingly.
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