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Making Baby Toys Curse

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by tastybasslines, May 17, 2011.

  1. that guys shreds baby phone! Though if I ever saw a baby with that much co-ordination I'd be thoroughly impressed.

    I say no recall, if your kid can figure that out, your kid is officially a bada***.
  2. Hi.

    That takes some effort, not likely the kind that a kid has, but the one experience I had didn't.

    Back in the day I played Santa for a friends friends kids. Having a beard and being able and willing to ride a sidecar MC with deer antlers on the handlebars was great for the kids.

    Anyway, it was the time period when the Teletubbies was the craze, and every kid wanted one as a Christmas present. Lo' and behold, if it wasn't in a package that was unwrapped right away. This one was about the size of the very, very happy toddler and when she pressed its belly it'd say a phrase.

    The first one was a bit odd and raised some eyebrows on the adults around as the doll said clearly DADA. Being artsy type of folks, they got a kick out of that. They explained to me that the Tubbies name was LaLa, so it kinda made some sense, even though it didn't sound like it was what it said.

    No-one was prepared for the next one though. When the toddler pressed the dolls tummy the second time it said, loud and clear: Sieg Heil.
    Now everyone had this very puzzled look on their faces and the toddler didn't understand why the adults wanted to play with her new toy all of a sudden. She was digging through her pile in no time though and we sampled through the phrases. We must have played the strange one a good few times, and even the parents who had watched the dreadful show with the kids couldn't figure out what the correct phrase was supposed to be.

  3. Hah, Godwins law kickin' in already. :smug:

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