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Making Lemon-aide Volume Pedal

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Red Planet, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. Red Planet

    Red Planet

    May 29, 2005
    So a good friend gave me a NIB Snarling Dogs Bawl Buster a couple years ago. It's a cool looking pedal and seems to be built well. I could never find a use for it as it pretty much sounds like horse wash to me. YMMV

    So any how I gut the thing and turned it into a volume pedal with a few tricks.

    The pedal has a foot switch for turning on the wha, a volume pot on the right side, and a three way switch on the left side.

    I'll try to make sense out of what I did here.

    I made the pot on the right side with a capacitor into a passive variable tone circuit like in a passive bass that is foot switchable in and out with the foot switch. At the same time when the passive tone circuit is on, the rocking pedal acts as a volume pedal.

    Now inject the three way switch. All the way down in position #1 the volume pedal is also on when the tone circuit is off and good and bright (normal). In the middle position #2 I have a secondary capacitor engaging with a resistor tied to it so as to be a slight edge taker offer. In this position the volume pedal still comes on when the tone circuit is engaged or not. All the way up in position #3 the second cap is off and when the tone circuit is off the whole pedal is hard bypassed but the tone circuit is still available when engaged with volume pedal.

    I have the LED's coming on when the variable tone circuit is off (most karang).

    Sorry for the phone pics.



    Anyhow I enjoyed doing this and there was a little trial and error along the way. I just felt like this pedal could get some use as something.
  2. Nice! It's always cool to see people take things and make them useful for them. I've always liked the looks of those pedals. Reminds me of the old accelerator pedals.

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