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Making the Bass "Stand Out" with DJ Turntables

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by Big Benner, Oct 3, 2005.

  1. Not sure if this is the right forum,... perhaps it should be in the Basses or Amps or Recording. ?

    I play with my DJ girlfriend every once in awhile. For our second ever live performance, I ran my Lakland Skyline fretless (flat settings) through an older brown BOSS LM-2 limiter pedal and then into the DJ mixer as a third channel (with the 2 turntables). The music started off with old school funk (which I find hard because I pretty much have to double the bass guitar in the track), turned into break beats with usually a simple bass synth looping and then finally techno which gives me lots of room to add a funky bass line to add to the techno bass pulse.

    The only constructive criticism I got was that my sound/tone could have been cleaned up a little, perhaps more refined. Everyone really enjoyed it but kept saying "are you really playing?". I would then do a slide up to the 12th fret and they'd hear it.

    I differently did not want to turn up and be LOUDER than the track that was playing. And for the most part, my girlfriend would start/mix the track, I'd tentatively/quietly figure out what to play and then nod to her when I had something and she would reduce the bass EQ from the track leaving a little more space for me. It has also occurred to me that perhaps (in my wildest dreams) I was really locking into the track and becoming one with it, and the "common" person couldn't distinguish me from the track - with that said I still want it to sound like a DJ and live bass,... and stand out a little more.

    I realize that the BOSS LM-2 limiter might not be of the studio quality, but I personally don't mind it. Due to space (a portage camping trip) I didn't want to bring my BOSS ME-50B multi FX (I just shoved the LM-2 into my gig bag). Perhaps next time I'll run the ME-50B with the "Natural" compression setting? Any other hints/suggestions? Keep in mind I can't EQ for each track,... I left the pickup blend and EQ flat and played closer to the bridge for a more articulate, high line or closer or on the neck for a more dubby, bassy tone.

    Now thinking about it, I should have recorded it to minidisc to listen and learn.

    Any other thoughts?
  2. i play with a dj a lot, as my best friend jsut happens to be one. i find if you jsut boost your mids your bass will cut through more than the bass on the track you could also ask your girlfriend ot try using the kill switch for hte bass frequencies if she has one although its not the best option as it would most likely take out the bass drum too.