making your own fender "relic"

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  1. Instead of paying close to 3 grand for a '64 or /62 jazz bass relic from the fender custom shop, how about this. Spend a third of that on a reissue, take the neck and electronics off of it. Get out your steel wool and give the pick up covers a good brushing to get that shine out.
    Then, take some more steel wool to the body in places that would have some wear and tear, get that nitro finish all scuffed, but not down to bare wood.
    Pre-heat your oven to 250 degrees. Put the bass body in your freezer. 20 minutes in the freezer, 20 minutes in the oven. Repeat. Keep doing this until the nitro starts to check. Reapply steel wool, then oven and freezer again. Steel wool the neck as well, but don'nt do the freezer trick.
    Make a pot of coffee. put the nut in a cup of coffee overnight, as well as pickguard, maybe in a lasagna pan.

    reassemble and you have your very own "relic" jazz bass. If you want, you can send me your reissue and a grand, I will do this for you, and you still save a grand for yourself!
  2. I'd rather play the wear into my basses, but if you really wanted a relic looking bass you could do that.
  3. wow, GREAT idea.. i might do this with a couple of basses - then i can put both my nuts in a cup of coffee..

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    dude, the whole point of those basses is that they are handbuilt replicas that sound amazing. my friend has a custom shop '64 jazz but it is a NOS no wear.those fenders are awesome because they are handbuilt and you can get them worn, slightly worn, or New Old stock.

    i could by an samick and kick it around in the dirt if i wanted a bass with wear.

  5. as long as its not freshly boiled your ok :p
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    This is a cruel thread!
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    I never quite understood the concept beyond buying an instrument that gives the impression that it endured a tour through Omaha beach.

    As said above... I tend to play my instruments to the point at which they naturally begin to wear.
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    Mar 21, 2005
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    From talking to several of the professional refinishers who specialize in "relicing", it seems the freezer/oven method is an easy way to get the finish checking, but produces results that are not really accurate as far as how actual old finishes check over time. Most prefer using a scalpel or very fine razor, and doing it by hand. While this will take quite some time and patience, it's much more realistic when compared to the freezer/oven way of doing it.
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    try a few nights at the Continental, Siberia, or the bathroom @ CBGB's before they close. you'll relic it and then some. :p
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    Oh... God...

    Seriously, it really is one of the most atrocious sights imaginable, for a variety of reasons.

    Last few gigs I had at CB's... I stayed far, far away.
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    I once bought a Fender Telecaster from a guitar player that looked like someone had attacked it with a screwdriver then thrown it out of the back of a speeding vehicle.
    I took it to a guitar show to sell and you should have seen the dealers flock to it. I got a brand new Guild JF30 Jumbo for it.
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    I get the impression that it was actually thrown out of a speeding vehicle?

    Thats seems like something I wanna do just for the hell of it :cool:
  14. maybe it was thrown onto a speeding srewdriver several times?