Malekko quality control?

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  1. Hey those who have experience with malekko pedals,

    I have a musicman stingray 4hh and I became interested in the b:assmaster by malekko recently due to the active pu friendly nature they supposedly have. However when I called the closest retailer on the malekko site, they told me they don't carry them anymore due to shotty quality control.

    I can't seem to find anything to support this statement online. Has anyone here experienced problems?


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    I used to have a b:assmaster and coincidentally when I did, I was playing a Stingray 5HH. I really liked the pedal and tone but not longer after I got it the footswitch went out on me. I returned it back to the retailer (GC) I bought it from.

    I can't speak to their quality control but I can tell from my personal experience with the 1 unit I had, it didn't last long. I supposed I could have had it looked at/repaired but honestly I didn't want to spend the time/money so I went a different route (Aguilar Aggro).
  3. Malekko has a long history of quality control. Most people will chime in and say they'll take care of you if something breaks and that is certainly true but it's also true that problems with their pedals are not uncommon.
  4. Not sure if I should get one anymore. Last thing I need is a pedal like that going out during a gig. Thanks for the responses so far.
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    The law of diminishing returns tells you that if you make 1,000 pedals with lots of parts, ****'s bound to go bad, to no fault of the builder/designer. Fault the parts, not the company.
    Malekko helps out people who have issues. Get the pedal and if something goes bad on it, speak with Malekko directly. Always should be the first cause of action when buying a "boutique" pedal.
  6. Thanks rratajski
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    I can tell you with certainty that the Malekko folks back their products 100%! As Ryan stated above, when a lot of products go out the door on a day to day, things are bound to happen...and this is the case with every company. Rest assured, any issues that arise from their products are most definitely taken care of. Never hesitate to shoot them an email. ;)
  8. Sweet! I'm sold!! Gonna go try one tomorrow.
  9. I had a Malekko 600 D and it was built like a tank and then I also had the malekko E616 and the enclosure felt like plastic. Never had any problems with either. Would buy again.
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    I doubt you'd risk anything going with the Diabolik or b:assmaster. Except blowing your speakers maybe..
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    May 28, 2005
    I recently spoke with a shop that no longet stocks malekko for their "bad built quality and too many returns".
    Until that point i was tempted by some of their pedals. Now not so much anymore.
    So you are not the onl one hering stuff like that. :)
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    Since 2006, I've had a switch go out on one B:Assmaster. I emailed them, they told me to ship it to them, and they promptly replaced the switch free of charge. As anyone knows, a switch going out is common with any company. So, I'm not understanding the shops having problems.
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    the only pedals I've ever had any QC issues with were EHX.. like many others if you search the forums. has anyone here had a real bad experience with a Malekko pedal? a search should reveal enough..
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    There may be an underlying problem with the shops in question. Maybe Malekko had an issue with their business practices and disassociated with them and the shop twisted it around! You never know with people. I've met some wicked shady music shop owners. Every make and model of pedals have the possibility of having a switch go bad. I mean we step on them all the time!!!
    I've never had a Malekko pedal but I wouldn't hesitate trying/buying one of their pedals based on a shops ill advised gossip. I'd base it more on the customers feedback.
  15. cnltb


    May 28, 2005
    I know the shop I spoke with quite well-and the people there, and do trust them.

    Plus, with such an incredible amount of effect builders out there I am not really looseing much sleep over one off my list.
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    Aside from all the stories of squirelly shop owners that I've heard from builders there is also the fact that most boutique pedals use the same footswitches. If the footswitch fails its the factory in china's fault not Malekko's.
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    This is the best suggestion, I'd say. I don't recall any major Malekko horror stories right off the bat.
  18. Yeah, when I did a search, couldn't find anything negative. This post was my last attempt to find something. I really like the sound of the b:assmaster and with active pickups the only other option I'm really interested in is the zvex mastotron which seems a little less versital. My soloution: I want both!! If I have Any problems with malekko, I will be in touch with you guys and malekko right away. Also I have a friend who builds pedals so I think I'm covered if it's just a footswitch.
  19. vegas532


    Nov 10, 2006
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    If you ever need assistance or have questions, you can always hit me up.
  20. Thanks man, will do!