Man Teachers really get me PO'd!

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  1. So today i got out of school early for a doctors appointment. I was almost finished taking my pop quiz in English and the teacher's phone rings. I figured it was my dad because i was leaving at around 8:30 or 9 or whatever and it was 8:40 so i looked up and the teacher said you can go. i said i will i just have a few questions to finish, he said, "oh all of your answers on that quiz are wrong". i asked why he said because i didnt tell him at the beginning of the period that i was leaving class early. I said that i knew he was coming but i didnt know he was coming now i just kinda guessed because the phone rang and i had a feeling my dad was here because he told me he was coming to get me i just wasnt exactly sure about the time. So he said just leave the quiz on the desk and go. I left, signed out at the office. I told my dad about it and he was pissed. he was going to go back into the school but i told him to forget it. So we went into the car and he asked for the school number. i gave it to him and he called the school and talked to my guidance counselor(the principals weren't there). He gave him a piece of his mind about the situation. Anyways, my guidance counselor told him that my teacher will call him later and speak to him.

    I have no idea why a teacher would say such a thing!! Couldnt he of just said to me that you can finish it tomorrow? Now this teacher jokes alot in class but he sounded pretty serious. I just hope my dad takes it easy on this guy when he calls.
  2. hey man im just venting. This is an Off Topic forum isnt it?
  3. LiquidMidnight


    Dec 25, 2000
    Well, if you were taking an English quiz, I guess it wouldn't matter. Guess what: Even professors teaching doctoral level classes prefer if you let them know ahead of time if you need to leave in the middle of class or have to leave your cell phone on for an emergency.

    And this teacher probably has more important things to do than to listen to your self-important father who doesn't have an effin' clue about teaching going on about how his poor little angel was wronged because he didn't have the forethought to take some responsibility.

    Sorry, but I doubt you're gonna get much sympathy from the posters on here.
  4. Let It Fall

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    Oct 15, 2009
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    Lol yeah, funny story but true teachers can be BS.
  5. LiquidMidnight


    Dec 25, 2000
    Some of those are hysterical.

    "The pressure to have an opinion about the Avengers movie is like a physical weight on my back.”

    “It cost me six bucks on a four-dollar order before I could get the barista at Starbucks to notice that I was putting money in the tip jar.”
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    Leave your phone on during an exam, answer or look at your phone, or text?

    Instant dismissal from the exam, instant failing grade. :) Possible follow-up visit with the folks who handle academic integrity and formal proceedings. :crying:
  7. Hehehe.....

    Btw I don't think the teacher will actually give you a failing grade on the test for leaving early, seems like he was just having some fun at your angsty teenage expense
  8. The teacher's a dick if he really fails you because of this. Unfortunately, there are PLENTY of teachers like that all over and at all levels. Worse yet, the best defense you have against them, especially after K-12, is making sure you do your utmost not to get on their bad side. I wish that it were different and I hope that some time in the future that things will be different but that's where things stand now.

    If you get a chance at a meeting with the teacher and guidance counselor keep your cool and lay out your case reasonable don't let yourself or your dad just go off because that can only reflect badly on you. And as a general note, be aware of the phone. I know people who never have theirs off of silent because folks have straight up failed thanks to theirs ringing in class. Again, that kind of practice is drastic, unfair and unnecessary but there isn't much way around it.
  9. "“The jazz music playing in this cafe is drowning out the sound of me typing on my laptop. Now how are people supposed to know I’m working on my novel?”"

  10. “The rental car I got on vacation had plates from a different state than the one I was visiting, so I looked like a tourist.”

    I, too, have felt the shame of being an out of stater with inaccurate license plates. :(
  11. Well i wasnt sure what time exactly i was leaving. I probably should have told him but its not really a big deal. That class ends at 9 and i thought i was getting out around that time. and i only had 5 questions left. but this guy says he gonna fail me? Come on that bogus and you know it! He could have told me to take it tomorrow during study hall or in the beginning of class. i could finish up that quiz in a few minutes. And true my dad might not know an "effin clue" about teaching, but he has common sense. Im sure he wouldnt tell a student that he failed a quiz because he was leaving and didnt tell him. If this were any other teacher in my school they would have told me to just take it tomorrow or take it when you have a study.
  12. no my phone wasnt the one ringing. it was the teachers, my dad stopped in to get me and they called down to my teachers room to tell me that i was leaving but yeah i totally agree with what your saying kwesi.
  13. Relic

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    What you need to do is calmly talk to your teacher tomorrow and explain the situation. He's actually right and you are wrong, but very often approaching a situation with maturity and tact can go a long way in rectifying things.

    EDIT - oh it was NOT your phone ringing..? Hmm.. still, you do need to keep your teacher informed of these things just in case. Still - talk to him tomorrow like I said
  14. sorry guys if i misinformed you. The teachers phone in the classroom rang. not mine.
  15. Relic

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    Sep 12, 2006
    Robbinsville, NJ
    Ok, so wait - you thought that you dad was going to pick you up after class, so you didn't tell your teacher. When your dad came early, the teacher collected your quiz and told you that you failed?
    Am I getting that right?
  16. Cabazon


    Jan 20, 2009
    You should have told your teacher before class that you may have to leave for the doctor's office.

    Doctor appointments do take place at a specific time, distance does take a measurable amount of time to travel. You should have had at least a rough idea of when you may be leaving, enough so to give the teacher some sort of warning.

    I don't think a teacher should be responsible for spending extra time to watch you finish a quiz the teacher expected everybody to do at one time.
  17. MJ5150

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    The next time you need to leave class early, make sure of the time you are leaving, and inform the teacher and office you need to leave well in advance of the phone ringing.

    Had you done that here, this thread would have never been created.

  18. Yup, this.

    This 100 times over.

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