Manipulating a Cord (Pins / GK's 50 watt Horn)

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    Nov 11, 2015
    Does anyone know anything about manipulating a cable's pins so that i can utilize GK's 50 watt (reserved for Horns on their cabinets).

    I know youre supposed to buy their cabinets and enjoy a 50 watt powered horn. But i thought I read, a long time ago, that theres a way to maniuplate the cable's (pins) so that its essentially a 50w out?

    is this something that the local repair guy should be able to do?


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  2. I assume you're asking about the 2001RB. The block diagram is available here (page 20):

    Internally the 50Wamp is hardwired post-crossover. This means if you wanted to use it as a full range output, you'd have to modify the circuit to bypass the crossover.

    If you just want to use the 50W HF signal for a non-biamped cabinet, you can make a custom cable. 4 conductor speakon cables are designed to carry two different signals. You could make a cable to split signal 1 (full Range/LF) and signal 2 (HF). If you just want to access the 50W HF signal, you could make a cable for that. The typical 2 conductor Speakon cable will access only the first signal.
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