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Manne Basses ?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Ari, May 18, 2004.

  1. Ari


    Dec 6, 2001
    Just saw these on the Bass Central website:



    I never heard of Manne basses before. Have you got any info on them?
  2. JP Basses

    JP Basses

    Mar 22, 2002
    Paris FRANCE
    Tried them a long time ago at the musicmania show in paris.

    From what I remember, I'd better not comment on them ;)

  3. Wood = Basses

    Wood = Basses

    Jun 19, 2003
    they were in bass player a little while ago... I think the one with Pino Palladino on the cover. They said it was a great and unique fretless bass.
  4. I've never seen one in real life, but from the reviews I've come across they're splendid instruments. Here's a link for you: http://www.manne.com/
  5. Suburban


    Jan 15, 2001
    lower mid Sweden
    Oh, dear, are they that good!!! :eek: :bag: :help:
  6. Alla


    Sep 25, 2000
    They are italian basses.
    Living in Italy i've tried them many time. The quality of the bass is good: wood, electronics and costruction but the sound is not so stable. 50% of times is good 50% is crap.
    You have to try them.
  7. Ari


    Dec 6, 2001
    Thanks for the info guys. I didn't know they were from Italy.

    I'm not really interested in them - I was just wondering when I saw them on the B.C. website.