SOLD MANTIC Density Hulk in NYC - Sub-harmonizer/Low Frequency booster

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    Jul 4, 2012
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    SUp y'all,

    You most likely have heard of this pedal but many have never used it, getting a sound clip of this pedal is almost impossible because its all about the SUB frequencies. This pedal is not for the bedroom player of the garage band, you really need the subwoofer system in a night club to feel this pedal. This pedal is not an Octiver per se but it allows you to blend in 60hz, 30hz and sub frequencies into your tone both dry and wet. When this pedal is engaged the earth will shake, it essentially allows you to create the infamous "Brown Note". The best way i can describe it is that its Much like a low pass filter creates a synthy sub tone only without sucking out all of the tones from the original signal.

    Ive had this pedal for a couple years, bought it from a TB'er. It has been out of rotation for a while as ive been using a Moog Low Pass for my sub needs, this is a much simpler (works with 9v adapter), lighter and more versatile way of adding serious thunder to your sound. Velcro at bottom has been removed.

    Trust me, you will turn many heads and get WOAH's from the folks in the venue during sound check.

    Delivery is included to CONUS, no international shipping please.

    I would hear trades, most interested in a quality envelope filter but you can try me.

    Specs Here:
    Density Hulk | Mantic Effects


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  2. RedMoses

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    Jul 4, 2012
    Trade pending...
  3. trade for TAFM?
  4. RedMoses

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    Jul 4, 2012
    Sorry DR, the pedal just went out to the West Coast on a trade.