Many questions about PEAVEY CIRRUS basses (which do I get?)

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  1. MistaMarko


    Feb 3, 2006
    Hey guys,

    I recently was offered a basic endorsement type deal with Peavey, and I'm deciding which bass (1) I'm going to be getting. I already own a Cirrus 5 BXP, but were interested in their line of the Cirrus USA models. I'm deciding whether or not to get a four string Cirrus, or sell my five string BXP and get a five string USA model. Questions:

    1) It appears that the USA models are top of the line for the Cirrus series...has anyone played both the USA and the BXP, and can offer me insight on the true differences of the two? How drastic is the difference in quality? I've researched that they are technically the same basses, just built in different countries. The Peavey website doesn't list much as far as specs go, so owner insight is really all I have.

    EDIT: Found a thread on this, so never mind for question 1. Any insight is still appreciated though for this one. Only have the below questions now!

    2) True differences between on the Walnut, Redwood, Maple, and Bubinga models? I know dealing with woods is really an endless debate, but some insight would help.

    3) What would the difference be between these two basses:


    Maple bass


    I guess the maple top is the only difference?

    Would really appreciate the help...thanks guys!