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Maple and cherry for a laminated/multi-piece neck?

Discussion in 'Luthier's Corner' started by rwkeating, Dec 21, 2016.

  1. rwkeating


    Oct 1, 2014
    Would maple and cherry be a good match for a laminated/multi-piece neck? I am asking in terms of strength, stability and stiffness.

    I am also concerned with expansion and contraction rates (that they are not dissimilar.) For example, I have a maple neck with a sapele fingerboard, both finished with Danish oil. Most of the time I can't feel the seam between the neck and fingerboard. Sometimes temperature and/or humidity are such that I can feel the seam. I wouldn't want to feel a seam on the back of a maple/cherry neck so this is another concern I have.
  2. tbrannon


    Jun 11, 2006
    I know several companies use maple(dunno what type of maple you have) and cherry in necks. Alembic used that recipe often in the early days.

    I'll leave the wood expansion and water content discussion to people more knowledgeable than I.
  3. Basshappi


    Feb 12, 2007
    Cherry is a very stable, straight-grained wood and will pair just fine with maple.
  4. Cherry sands and scrapes really well. But it burns really easy with fast moving machine blades like saws and routers.
  5. Agreed, it burns easily.
  6. rwkeating


    Oct 1, 2014
    Thanks for the replies! I am just starting to brainstorm my next build. I was going to make a neck out of cherry on my last build, but as I worked it, it got too small (oops.) It now can only be used in a multi-piece neck.

    The only burning will be the burning in my muscles from working with hand tools :( ? :)

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