Maple Fretboard Discoloration

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  1. Good day, All! Wondering if any of you helpful folks might have an idea of how to restore a maple fretboard. I bought a well-used Tobias 5-string last week and its fretboard is badly discolored - not sure if from age, wear, lack of regular cleaning, or a combination thereof. It sounds fine, but looks terrible and feels kind of "sticky". The frets are fine, though. Short of replacing the neck, any great ideas or personal experiences? Thanks for your help, as always.
  2. Go to a music store (local or try and get some fretboard cleaner from there. I know Obsolex got some for his GSR200 (now mine that I just defretted last night) and it made it look like new and it was a lot cleaner. Try that out or take suggestions from others (maybe both?!) ~ Tyler
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    And once you have it clean again, youy may want to seal it with a tung oil based varnish to help prevent such discoloration in the future.

  4. Hey, thanks for the ideas. I went looking for a fretboard cleaner the other day and found only lemon-oil based stuff which are really less cleaners than conditioners (I use lemon oil on my ebony fretboards). If I can find a different kind I'll try it. ..and, yes, DP Custom, that's kind of what I had thought to do after I can get it clean. Thanks a bunch, cheers!

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    lemon oil i think would help your situation, maple boards seem to show their ware and tare more so then rosewood. Just look at Keith Richards from the stones all of his maple fingerboards on his telecasters just look dirty because he dosent clean them.