Maple necks, what to expect?

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  1. dfp


    Sep 28, 2004
    i thought i'd have lots of snappy highs from this bass, an old (probably but unknown) Squier from the 80's, a light weight body with a pretty blue paint job, and a new Maple w/ block inlay Allparts neck. it does get a very spanky tone, very clear, but the "click" is missing, the super highs, i have to crank the treble and the horn on my amp to get it, i really need it for "thumpin and pluckin"

    i am not familiar with what to expect from maple necks, other than i heard they're good for tightening up the lows, but do they also cut the highs? my rosewood Jazz basses all have way more highs, even the MIM.

    anyone familiar with the ways of various woods can you tell me is this normal? can a pickup change help? MIM fenders in it currently, it sounds very different from the rosewood MIM i had recently...:confused:
  2. tbass-chicago


    Oct 11, 2005
    Chicago, IL
    The effect of maple necks is probably a bit exaggerated, but is audible and certainly makes a difference. I made the switch to maple and don't regret it. Basically, you'll get a bit more high end clarity, probably a bit brighter of the tone. The Rosewood fretboard is a warmer tone.

    My feeling is this: a bass has a lot of bass already. Clarity between the notes and nice amount of natural treble is a good adder. I think a maple neck cuts through the mix better.
  3. dfp


    Sep 28, 2004
    thanks, it's not exactly as you described it though, i've got lots of low end clarity and low mid clarity, and plenty of mids and upper mids, and decent highs, but it's the high highs, or whatever you wanna call the 7 or 8 K and above, that seems to be harder to dial in than i expected...

    i like a certain amount of finger/fret noise to come thru when i'm going for a modern pop/slap thing, and i don't have to crank the highs nearly as much on my other Jazzes which are all rose wood boards... which is what i found surprising...

    so i'm trying to figure out where in the chain i'm losing the highest highs... perhaps the MIM pickups could be part of it? i've had MIM jazzes before that didn't lack for highs, but maybe this set is different? for one thing, they are the pickups with the magnetic bars glued on under the pickup poles, which makes me think maybe the poles themselves aren't magnets but rather conductors of the magnetic bars' magnetic field... how cheezy!

    i'm also wondering if some generic pots and tone caps can have a limiting effect on the frequency out put, even with everything wide open...?

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