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    He was great bassist active in the from the 60s-90s, he was on a great Steve Lacy LP called Moon. He made three strange but awesome LPs for Black Saint. The Village on the Left might be the best, with Roswell Rudd, Enrico Rava & Don Moye + a Sardinian vocal quartet.

    Free to Dance is a huge all - star double band + Don Pullen:

    Bass – Fred Hopkins
    Bass, Composed By, Arranged By – Marcello Melis
    Percussion – Nana Vasconcelos
    Percussion [Sun] – Dougoufana Famoudou Môyè (Don Moye)*
    Piano – Don Pullen
    Trombone – Gary Valente, George Lewis
    Trumpet – Enrico Rava, Lester Bowie
    Vocals – Jeanne Lee, Sheila Jordan

    His music is well worth checking out, not super outside, but his choices are very interesting.
    If anyone saw the guy live or knew him that would be interesting to hear about.
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    Jan 9, 2013
    Marcello's widow Nina has a wonderful jazz photography site at

    His day job was as an Italian diplomat; he served in Tokyo, New York, and Kiev (during the Chernobyl incident; he was a smoker, but his tragic premature death (lung cancer) might have had something to do with that).

    He was my brother-in-law, a wonderful dude. He grew up in Sardinia, quiet, dedicated, imaginative, sweet, deep... I wish I
    had known him better.
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    That photo of Bill Evans makes me wish that Vincent Van Gogh was around to paint his portrait....

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