Marcus Miller amps, whats the deal?

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  1. Just curious, who played on the MB little marcus amps. It seems they're not as popular as the regular little mark models.

    Looking at the pre amp lay out one would think they are more usefull in that respect.

    I listened to some reviews on youtube but it's hard to really get a idea about how the amp sounds in real life. My first impression is that it is a " darker" sounding amp. Not something I relate to Marcus Millers sound.

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  2. fast slapper

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    Dec 11, 2001
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    They don't really sound much different to me than your usual Markbass.

    Never had much luck with Markbass and passive basses. They sound fine with actives. I always preferred GK, Mesa, Eden when doing GC shoot-outs. The original "Musicman" Markbass amps were good.
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    Hey Dennis, I know i am way late to your post but I have both the Little Marcus and the LM II. You are right the Little Marcus is a very dark sounding amp when set flat.I was really disappointed at how little it sounded like Marcus when I got it. I thought I would set it flat , plug in get the Marcus tone, done deal. Not so. A lot of fiddling followed and I learned that the tone is in there,you just have to find it.
    A lot of players here say they just set their amps flat and play. That has never worked for me on any amp, and I have had a lot of them over the past 45 years LOL Here is how I have mine set.
    The Millerizer does not get you to the Marcus tone all by itself. I set it to about 9:30 not higher and in addition to that I have the treble at 2:30 and the ultra low at 2:00. The middle three controls are at 12:00 and I use them very sparingly depending on what room I'm in. That gets me pretty close with my active J basses.I have two Little Marcus amps because I have two 4 ohm 12" cabinets and one amp cannot do 2 ohms. Not a big deal the amps are not expensive and small enough. And if one of them goes down on a gig I still have the other. BTW The LMII is brighter. Better sounding for a P Bass than a Jazz.
    So even though it's a late response I hope my post is still helpful to you :)