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Marcus Miller Jazz or Fender American Standard

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by ba$$88, Jun 24, 2004.

  1. Fender American Standard

  2. Marcus Miller Jazz(japan)

  1. ba$$88

    ba$$88 Guest

    Jun 13, 2004
    Which one
  2. tplyons


    Apr 6, 2003
    Madison, NJ
    Is there a reason to this thread? They're both good basses, but which is better is purely subjective. I'd take either depending on the playability of each individual bass.
  3. Mudfuzz


    Apr 3, 2004
    The MIA-FAS has a nicer pickguard? :rollno:
  4. RawBassist


    Sep 1, 2002
    Deffinately go for the American made, the electronics, construction and overall quality will more than likely outlast the Japanese stuff. I don't really know much about the Marcus, except for the pickguard and shape and neck stuff, but its whatever you want to do. Think about what you'll be happy with 10 years from now, if thats waht you're looking for.
  5. vene-nemesis

    vene-nemesis Banned

    Jul 17, 2003
    Bilbao España
    buy a G&L american L-2000 those basses have the best of both models: active preamp 3-way with passive controls(better than marcus model), there are much more color options, wood options alder or swmp ash, strings-through, saddle lock bridge, bi-cut neck, I am a vintage pickup lover and i do really like the modern humbucking style pick'ups, the overall construction level its like the american fender if not better, case included.
  6. Wayner


    May 7, 2004
    Maryland, USA
    Having played all three basses... they are all good, but if you're looking for a diversity of tones, the G&L wins hands down. And for what you get, you get better value, also, compared to an MIA Fender.

    In my opinion.. the MM MIJ bass kills the American Fender in terms of both tone and value. You can do your Marcus thing on it, and you can get some nice fingerstyle tones out of it also.

    The only things I don't like about it are the pickup covers and the pickguard thickness, but if I bought one (even though I would like to, I don't need to), I would probably correct that. Put on some light-gauge DR highbeams and set it up correctly, and it kills. If you've never played one, you owe it to yourself to try it before thinking about spending a lot more money on an MIA Fender.
  7. Marcus Miller Jazz are build in the USA, they are just assembly in Japan! :bassist:
    I own a Marcus and tried a american standard.
    Sincerely, the neck of the marcus is SSWWEEEETTT :rolleyes: , I can't tell you more about the standard! :(
    The marcus electronics is TNT!! Nothing else to say. :D
    The overall quality is great, most of dealers, and person who are selling fender gears to the shops (xcuz me, forgot the name of this job in English!) told me that this is the best Fender for that price! only the american deluxe outclass it (other artist series and deluxe are not include!)
    IMHO for all those quotes!
    I think you need to try both, but perhaps you will be more disappointed by the standard!

  8. AJ Love

    AJ Love

    Oct 8, 2002
    Madison WI USA
    the build quality on alot of the stuff out of Japan by Fender that I have seen has been very inconsistent. I'd go with the USA Fender. the pre-amp on the Marcus Miller seems like a cheap sounding attempt to capture the Sadowsky pre-amp tone, and it doesn't really nail it at all. cheaper componenets and electrics overall from the Japan line

    buying a MIA Fender Jazz and going through a Sadowsky pre-amp/DI will get you a LOT closer to Marcus' sound than the Marcus Miller bass ever will

    just my opinion
  9. Mud Flaps

    Mud Flaps

    Feb 3, 2003
    Norton, MA
    I completely disagree with AJ.

    Perhaps it is true that the American stuff outlasts the Japanese stuff, but the Marcus Miller Basses MIJ or MIA get much better tone than any other Fender bass made since 1974. I think they'll get you a lot closer to Marcus's sound than an American Standard; although the electronics in the MIJ Marcus Miller are cheap and perhaps the other stuff is lower quality, everything is tweaked to get you closer to that Marcus Miller tone, IMO, with the right amplifier, it can get you pretty close.
  10. I second that. You're absolutely right. I owned several 70's jazzbasses and they all sound a lot closer to Marcus than the Marcus Miller signature bass ever will.. The Marcus signature bass can't even compare to a new MIA Jazzbass. The electronics sound cheap, but you could always replace the preamp. However there is no point in doing this, since the bass itself doesn't sound good at all. If you want to sound like Marcus, buy a real seventies bass, and use a good preamp.
    So go for the MIA Jazz, and buy a good preamp (like the Sadowsky preamp for example)

  11. AJ Love

    AJ Love

    Oct 8, 2002
    Madison WI USA
    what I've been finding is that with the right amp, pretty much ANYTHING can get you there (i.e. a great amp can be a huge part of a sound). With an Aguilar DB 750 or a great EBS amp and a pair of Epifani or Bergantino speakers (for instance) pretty much any bass can get you into tonal bliss

    my comments are mainly in regards to the Marcus Miller pre-amp, I just plain don't think it sounds that good. an Aguilar or Sadowsky pre-amp will get you alot closer to Marcus' sound, doesn't have to be a Fender Jazz bass either. pretty much any good single coil Jazz style bass through a Sadowsky pre-amp will get you closer to Marcus' sound more than a Marcus

    I had a Marcus Miller CIJ bass for awhile, put it through its paces on stage and whatnot, wasn't that impressed with it, tried a few others, wasn't impressed with them, considered changing out the pre-amp for a Sadowsky and instead went another route (currently using a Fender P bass through a Sadowsky pre-amp/DI)

    anyways...if it works for anyone else then thats all that matters...I am just relating my experience

    if on a budget I wanted to get a great Marcus Miller style bass and sound, I'd buy a MIM Fender J Bass (that I had tried out in the store and really liked), I'd swap out the pickups for a pair of Nordstrand or Fender Custom Shop or Fralin or especially Seymour Duncan Antiquity II pickups, I'd swap out the bridge for a Vintage Fender style bridge, maybe upgrade the pots and shield everything well, then buy a Sadowsky pre-amp/DI, and for anywhere between $600-$800 (depending on how much I spent on the pickups) I'd have a better sounding closer to Marcus' sound bass than a Marcus Miller bass...with a MIA Fender Jazz I'd spend more $$ but be even closer still

    as always, YMMV
  12. I have the same amplifier than marcus! (don't bought it because of this!) and I can tell you that you are more near marcus sound than with a deluxe american Jazz Bass (try it!)

  13. I disagree with you! Perhaps the bass sounds less better than a 70's (sure!), but it sounds good, IMO better than some americans build! Remember, build in the USA, just assembly in Japan!
  14. pyrohr


    Aug 28, 2001
    Pakistani compound
    I own the Marcus jazz, a MIA standard jazz, MIA dlx jazz,MIA 75RI,MIA Victor Bailey jazz, MIM dlx jazz. My point is, while the Marcus miller bass (mine is re-wired to be true passive) is a good bass for the bucks it does lack in the pre-amp area. All pre-amps on above basses sound better to me! Now that may be they have a three band EQ and the MM bass has two, but when I use an aggie DB924 the difference is ten fold compared to the stock pre-amp, that pre has a two band eq also. Another fact stated by Fender is that pre-amp is boost only, maybe that's why the treble can get harsh while other Fender pre's are clearer. My MIA standard ash bodied/maple neck jazz with the aggie does the Marcus thingy very well. I think the MIA standard bass is all around more useful than the MM bass due to the limits of (or lack of) the tone control in passive mode. I play my MIA standard and my MIA 75RI more than my Marcus Miller bass.

    For what it's worth the 75RI and the Marcus Miller necks are basically the same, both bodies are ash with the same pup placement.
  15. I don't understand how you can judge the MM model MIJ if you don't know much about it Bro....
    I own both and the MM MIJ is better than the standard MIA.

    AMJBASS Supporting Member

    Jan 8, 2002
    Ontario, Canada
    Maybe he's changed his mind over the last TWELVE years ;)
  17. Perhaps...Don't care if the post is old I have both and I want to speak... Great build quality goid neck and also good preamp... Maybe upgrading it is worthwhile but much better than the MM MIJ which I tried before deciding for the MIJ
  18. Thus will be useful for the 2nd market now I want a precision american elite however
  19. Geri O

    Geri O Supporting Member

    Sep 6, 2013
    Florence, MS
    I've become convinced that without the 70s pickup spacing, any search for the Marcus tone will be a futile one.
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  20. I Think you are right ... My 2012 am. Std. Has got the 60s spacing and the sound is in no way similar to that of Marcus maybe also for the CS 60s pickups but I've changed the pickups in the Marcus towards noises less as the noise was there indeed and the sound remained always close to the Marcus tone