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  1. While setting up the DVR for the week I saw "Marcus Miller" in the guide. Hmm, would this channel (or any channel for that matter) have a concert that featured a bassist? I recorded it on the off chance it was who I thought it was.

    Amazing! I've heard you all talk about him but I've never seen him play. What an awesome concert. He's got such an incredible tone.

    I'm not sure if it's on again, but check HDNET's listings and see if you can catch it.
  2. Hey John!

    Man, I wish I could've seen the Marcus show. I've loved Marcus's music for a while now, but have never seen him play - live or recorded. He was down in West Palm Beach maybe four years ago, but there was no way for me to make it. Hasn't been back to Florida since, I don't think. Do you know if this was a showing of a live DVD of his or something?

    Also, what's HDNET? I hope things are going well with you - it's been a little bit since our mini-TB-GTG. I hope Chris is still coming along on the bass too.

  3. Nick,

    I DVR'd it and have it saved until I erase it. I'm going to keep it around for a while so I can learn from it. Next time your in town you should come by and we'll check it out.

    Eh, things are ok. Been bouncing around between bands trying to get something going but not sure where I'll end up. Sometimes I wonder why I got back into this! Drama drama drama.

    HDNET is a channel I get on my cable system. It's a High Definition channel that has some original programming. Marcus Miller was one of them.

    Seriously, swing by and we'll grab some beer and wings, kick back and listen to Marcus!

  4. jbennardo, who is your cable subscriber? We have Comcast, and we have these INDEMAND channels but not HDNET. Theyve had some good concerts in the past, ive seen Toto and Earth Wind and Fire on there. They also get some occasional rugby or soccer games from england.
  5. My provider is Brighthouse Tampa Bay. HDNET is part of a High Def package I subscribe to. There are like 6 channels in the package. They've had some really good shows. I've seen Matchbox 20, Heart, Aimee Mann and Incubus at Red Rock to name a few. Just recently, I found the Marcus show and Son Volt on another one of those channels.

    These are all in addition to the movies that they run in true High Def/Wide screen format! Did I mention they run hockey games too!!

    EDIT: I just re-read your post and remembered that I saw Earth Wind & Fire/Chicago show on that channel too.

    Sorry mods, if this is getting a bit off topic.
  6. I am late to this thread.. . . . obviously. :oops:

    I caught the Marcus Miller on HDNet (also DVR'd it, but not the whole thing, I don't think).

    My copy starts with Miller playing that attractive and great sounding fretless Fodera. An excellent song. I've yet to play along with it, though I should. One thing I find a bit funny is the guitar player. If there was an award for "facial usage in feeling the music", he would win hands down. The part I find especially amusing is when he's doing his solo (on that fretless song), the camera focuses on his upper body and it looks like he is trying to get out of the camera frame, because the camera man has a hard time with it. :D

    I have to say that I'm not too familiar with his music or their titles, but the next song, I have to admit, I'm not to crazy about. His slapping on that song, though technically good, seem to be a little out of sync with the drums. Maybe he's just trying to put too much in there. :meh:

    The very last song of that concert I really like. An excellent way to end that concert.

    I hope they put more concerts of similar style on HDNet in the near future. A Flecktones concert on HD would be better than being there in concert! :hyper:
  7. I make it a point to check each week now for good shows. They do a pretty good job of putting on a variety of music.

    You're right about the guitar player, he looked like a lab monkey!!
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    We have HDNET on RCN cable in Gaithersburg. Consistently the best picture quality of the HD channels. Not part of the On Demand lineup.
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    That was Dean Brown. One of my favorite live guitarists in that genre. Saw him at NAMM in the Sadowsky booth.
  10. A very good player! When I first saw what I recorded (wasn't there at the time), I thought he was pretty weird, but everytime I watch it, . . . . . . . I kinda look forward to his expressions. One thing for sure, he enjoys what he does and it shows! :)

    I think my most favorite song, though, would have to be the one where Miller is playing that Fodera Fretless. It almost made me want to :bawl: