For Sale Marcus Miller (SOLD) & Squire 5

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    Good Day TBers,

    If you've been Jonesin to get in on the 5-string level, now is the time to pickup a great deal on a couple of 5ers!!

    The first bass was purchased from TalkBass some years ago. It's a Fender Squire 5 string with an Ebonol fretboard and active electronics. The only issue is the battery wire for the 9-volt is loose and is easily replaced by someone handy with a soldering iron. One can connect the wire directly to the post which keeps it tight! ($250)

    The second bass is a 1st generation Sire P7 5-string bass with 18-volt active electronics. The bass is in great condition and comes with the Marcus Miller gig bag which has never seen the outdoors. You know the name and here is the URL ( P7 – Sire Webstore-USA ). A great deal at $400! SOLD!!!

    Shipping is not included and is $25.00 per instrument (continental United States only).

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    Why is there a tag covering the Squier's serial number? Sorry if this is a known thing...
  3. The tag has always been there. I did not place it on the bass. The bass is a one of a kind. I have never seen another Squire like it with the black strap stripe across the body. Thanks
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  4. __________________
    Generally means it was purchased as a refurbished instrument.
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  5. Thanks for the info!
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    fender still available?