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    Jul 26, 2002
    :bassist: Is there actually any difference between a medium set of Fat Beams and a set of Hi Beams of the same gauge other than the price?
  2. Yes there is. MM's description of Fatbeams captures the difference pretty good: Fatter, deeper and smoother. FBs are stiffer than hi-beams and has a little more midrange (deep mids) and more thump. The high end is less pronounced. On the other hand (to my ears!) Hi-Beams sounds a little warmer or softer in a band situation. If you've never tried DR's before and wanna know what their about, I'll say go for the Hi-beams. They give you the most of the famous DR snap and playabillity (read: easy bend). If you on the other hand like your strings to be stiff and thumpy go for the Fat-beams (or Lo-Riders).

    PS: Smooth/soft etc. refers to the sound not the tactible aspect of the string. If you've never played stainless steel strings before they might feel a little rough, but you'll get used to it. DR's a certainly the smoothest feeling ss strings I've tried.