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  1. So I just happened to catch a bit of "Piano Jazz" on NPR earlier this evening with Marian hosting Joe Sample in-studio. They played a couple nice ballads, but when Marian played a solo tune (I can't recall what it was), IMHO it just wasn't happening. I dug into my library and pulled out her "On 52nd Street" and "Live at Shanghai Jazz" albums, and gave them a listen...I know I'll probably be scolded for saying this, but, I'm just not digging it. She has a beautiful approach to balladry, but the swing just ain't there. Maybe I'm just being a cynic, but I'm really not feeling it at all. Am I missing something? :meh:

    p.s. Rufus's playing on the Shanghai Jazz album doesn't really knock me out either...
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    I love Rufus' playing on Shanghai Jazz. Marian's playing is very understated. As I get older that is something that I appreciate more and more.