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    Hey all. I'm an old Eden WT800 and 410XLT owner. I sold this combo because I was mostly playing classic rock and used my Ampeg SVT and Fridge 810. I still love the Ampeg and will continue to work with it. Unfortunatly I sold my Eden rig, and have opted for probably going with the new Mark bass SD800 and the 410 104HF cab. I haven't purchased it yet, but was amazed at it's versatility and power. Also the weight is a factor. I really think with my Modulus Quantum 5, it sounds great. Any opinions on Mark Bass equip would be appreciated, because it's pretty new to me. The purchase cost for this rig will be about $2300, so Im really wanting to hear your take. It will be used for touring playing blues, country, and whatever. Thanks, Ken
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    Feb 25, 2003
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    I'd highly recommend trying it out thoroughly before buying. The SD800 is COMPLETELY different sounding from the other rigs you've used. It's VERY clean sounding with no grit, but very powerful too. I just can't imagine someone who likes the Ampeg stuff going for the SD800. Totally IMO.
  3. I love my SD800, I do not prefer the markbass cabs though. The have always sounded very sterile and empty to me. I would check out the epifani and Dr. Bass cabs. They match very well with the sd800 and you can plenty almost any tone you want. Best of luck
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    Hey Tallboy, I like a variety of bass sounds. The SVT gives me what I want for Rock. The Eden was great for what Blues I worked on though. I feel the Mark Bass is very similiar to the Eden, but has more bite to it that my Eden didn't have. I palyed a Mark Bass II thru a Mark Bass 210 cab. It sounded great. What's up with the "sterile sound". I never thought that at all. Im fact it sounded very similiar to my Eden. I don't believe there is one rig that can satisfy all our needs. The Mark Bass feels to me like it can easily replace my old Eden Rig. (Just my thoughts). Ken
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    Feb 25, 2003
    Tulsa, Oklahoma
    That's cool, just giving you my opinion. Lots of folks here use MB heads with other brands of cabs. You did ask for opinions and I'm sure there will be more.
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    I used to 'poo poo' the MB cabs but having owned the cmd121p 112 combo (which naturally has the cab) I've changed my mind. They are not sterile but have their own sort of vibe. Warm and punchy is how I'd describe them.

    Many people have fallen hard in love with markbass amps myself included. I have the LMII and its warm, clean, versatile, light, powerful and very reasonably priced. There are a few things I'd like to change such as a mute switch and a more full featured DI as well as the bass eq set higher (than 40hz which is too low IMO) but overall I'm happy. With all factors considered I dont think there is a better amp for *me*.
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    May 29, 2008
    I can understand what tallboy means when comparing the SD-800 with Ampeg. I own several MB amps including an SD. When I want a bit more dirt in my sound, I use a SansAmp Programable DI. The Sans works well with MB products.

    As for fenderken's initial string, you're wise to chose the front ported cabs (IMHO). I chose poorly opting for the HR's (4x10 & 2x10). They sound good but if you happen to be behind my amp on a gig (which occasionally happens with our drummer), those ports flatten hairs in the canals faster than an F-15 off a carrier.
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    Apr 8, 2004
    I love my SD800/104HF rig, it does not sound as your old Eden rig though. The 104HF cab is warm and punchy, and a great match for the SD800.
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    Thanks guys. I did buy the SD800, and I bought a 102P for the studio. I have to say the SD and the 104P kicks ass. It has a lot of punch and very good lows as well. I won't be able to get my104HF now until March. They are back order that far. Ken