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Mark Hoppus Tones.

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by PwX-Steve, Jun 6, 2001.

  1. Ok its been playing on my mind for ages and its only due to hearing one of Blink 182's new song (The Rock Show) i have botherd to ask here. If you listen really carefully you can notice the sound of his tone. It sounds similar to a Bass being recorded then the Hz setting made so it sound like the bass sound is being transmitting over a stream like real player or somthink.
    The first thing i thought was that it was the studio recording and it was edited. then i remember back to when i was the concert this year and it sounded pretty much the same with eceptions of the stadium accustics
    so i went and watched a live video with Blink playing and sure enough same tone. So im asumusing its how his rig is setup.
    Im curiouse to how he makes this sound its like a sound iv never heared before. if anyone knows please post away!!

    For the record he uses the following:
    -Fender Customer shop precision bass with, Jazz body, P pickups (seymour duncan quarter pounders), P neck and erinie ball hybrid strings.
    -3 Ampeg SVT810e cabs
    -SVT4 pro
    -Tortex .60 (orange) picks. (if that matters?)
    -Shure UHF wirelss.

    hope use can help!.


    PS: sorry about the long post hehe
  2. Mr. Brett

    Mr. Brett

    Jun 3, 2001
    It sounds like all highs, no mids or lows.
  3. already tryed that hehe
  4. Mr. Brett

    Mr. Brett

    Jun 3, 2001

    I know what your talking about, in the song "the rock show" it is very noticable.

    But I have no idea how he gets that sound.
  5. heffster


    May 24, 2001
    I doubt it's anything complicated.. try using a plastic pick and attacking near the bridge with the eq's all set at zero then go from there.
  6. Reid


    Aug 25, 2000
    Oakville, Ontario
    Well, my guess is, fresh strings, the ultrahigh switch on his head pressed, scooped mids and flat lows. Lot of the sound comes from the way you move your hand. I can get this sort of sound playing midway between the pup and bridge, and kinda flinging my hand around, sounds weird I know, but it works. Oh yeah, and crank the tone knob on your bass.
  7. hang your bass around your knees and bash away at it. i never even knew that guy had "tone". ................anyway, it sounds like it's just more trebly than usual. turn up tone.
  8. heffster


    May 24, 2001
    guys..it's so obvious.. there's one thing you all are forgetting.. i almost overlooked this as well..

    the penis jokes

    (anyone who's seen them in concert will understand)
  9. that's cheap.
  10. ok... heres a serious answer... for a change...

    I read an AP interview (new one), and they talked about how so many people said they had sold out, and what not, and many believe they have. It was either tom or mark who said that they actuly just were inexperianced, and didnt know what to do, so when ever their publisit told them to do somthing, or told them about a deal they could get, and how much money they'd get for it, they'd suddenly go "SURE" cause they didnt realize what the public would say to them, and when you're used to sleeping on the floors of other peoples houses, cause you dont have any money, you'd do almost anything for money. The next thing they knew, they were on more "teeny boper" magazines, rather than "punk rock" magazines. They said they've fired all of those people, cause it wasnt what they were about. Then they said on their new album, they wanted it as strait forward as possible, basicly meaning, no studio tricks. They said that one of the problemes with Enema was that what they sounded like on the album wasnt anything of what they actuly sounded like (a la Britney Spears), and this was somthing they had never done before, they thought that the mixer guy was just fixing up small things, and the next thing they knew, they were listening to somthing else. So... For this album, they kept the mixing down to a minimum, taking out all the studio tricks, and pretty much took it as if they were playing a concert, but in a studio, and taped it.

    Mark also uses a Mesa/Boogie 400+, so that might be what he used in the studio. Also, if you've been playing by the bridge, its wrong, he has always played around the pickup, of between pickup and the neck of his basses. Somthing else you might wanna consider is his attack on the strings, i'm pretty sure its "medium/hard" attack, and he ALWAYS does "up/down/up/down...ect."

    give it a try, mess witht eh eq, see what you can get. I'm pretty sure the sound is more of from his style of playing, and not what he's using.
  11. heheh this wasnt a post to bag out blink
    i kinda like the bass simplicity.
    anyway. reid. you were right about the fresh strings. i did that awile ago and got close to the soound but the strings got old lol so mi guessing strings are envolved. at the concert he swapped between 2 guitars every now and then so im guessing the 2 bass's were for diff songs and had diff settings which it didnt sound like it or larry there guitar tech was changing the strings. im prolly wrong. as for the EQ settings iv tried almost everything i have come close to sumfen tho. theres are settings i have

    Bright and Punch switch OFF (if you have them)
    Low on about 0
    and as for the EQ settings.
    40 = -1
    80 = +10
    160 = -15
    340 = -10
    660 = -15
    1.3k = +15
    2.6k = -15
    5k = +5
    10k = -15
    High on about 9 or 12
    Tone and Volume Knob on the bass all the way up
    and play medium hard between the pickups and fretboard

    another thing i tried was
    if you have a chorus fx thingy set that up
    and turn your chorus settings all on the smallest they go so you just get the chorus intial sound but no actual chorus effect. in this case you will most likly need to turn the Highs down abit.

    maybe with news strings this might do it!. i got a set and ill try it to today.

  12. oh and muttluk
    he actually uses ampeg heads and ampeg cabs

    he uses the SVT-4pro.
    and wouldnt u if you got them for free?

  13. heffster


    May 24, 2001
    I think the swap in guitars might be between one in normal tuning, and one in either drop D or half step .

  14. adam's song is 1 step down. Dumpweed is 1/2 step down. Those are the only ones i remember that are de-tuned. But i'm positive that the bass switches are either... 1)his bass went out of tune, and needs somone to retune it while he uses a differnt one. 2)he needs it for a differnt song tuning.

    as for the only ampeg heads. I am positive he used to use a Mesa/Boogie 400+, and took it on the road with him, durring Vans Warpped tour back in 94? whenever blink was on it, that was his head. I saw it with my own eyes. So i'm positive he used that head. Also, i've talked to his former guitar tech. via online chat, and he told me he used that head on the road, and in the studio at the time. (this was before the EB Stingray era). As for if he still uses them in the studio, only the people who are in the studio will know, unless he talks about it, which is rare, because normaly he signs somthing to not say what uses if he's not using his "free" stuff. An example of getting one thing for free, but using somthing else is Flea. He gets his "flea" bass from Modulus for free (obviously), yet he's been known to use alembics and other HIGH end basses in the studio.

    As for the "wouldnt you use it if it were free" i think i would, but as for mark, who's literaly a millionare, i dont think he needs the "free" because he can obviously afford them.
  15. i think a metal pick would be closer...
    and turn the bass down, mid bout 1/2 and treb is probably full. or, maybe he's just got a couple pedals.
  16. Reid


    Aug 25, 2000
    Oakville, Ontario
    All of their songs are in standard tuning. The switches are probably just to retune, and wipe the strings down etc. Ya know, the advantages of having several basses and roadies to take care of'em for you. He doesn't just get free stuff for not advocating other companies gear, he gets money too, and if he said he was using mesa or whatever then ampeg might have something in their contract to get all of their cash back that they've given him.
  17. muttluk - that's good to know, i saw real pop potential in "dammit" but 'enema of the state' was just such a sellout vibe that i stopped listening. i do like that "rockshow" song
  18. I agree... you really could hear them giong a bit more poppy in dude ranch, slowly but surly. But if you really listen to the differences between Dude Ranch, and Ennema, the differences are AMAZING. Vocals sound TOTALLY different, tom doesnt have his scratchy voice which is all over dude ranch, the guitar's are all cleaned up, and the bass volume got lower than it already was. If you heard the studio version of "stay together for teh kids" you'd hear what mark "really" sounds like. you can tell that there are no studio tricks on that one. I dont even think they added reverb. it sounds just like they do it live.

    Yes, there are different tunings in Ennema. All other songs are in standard, but if you can play "Adam's Song" in standard tuning, with teh exact same pitch as on the album, or live, i'd be surprized. It's down one full step, you can hear it in the intro. Also, go see them live, right before Adam's song there will always be a guitar switch... swear to god.
  19. Reid


    Aug 25, 2000
    Oakville, Ontario
    When live, they capo up two frets so mark can sing in a higher key. On some of the songs mark sings that is.
  20. they capo Whats my age again, and Going away to college. I'm positive that Whats my age again is up in a higher key, but i'm almost completly positive (about 97%) that the reason behind the capo for going away to college is simply because tom needs it to do the intro (for you guitar players, its a bmaj, which goes from Major to (whatever it turns into when you release the octive))so tom needs a capo to do that live.

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