Mark III

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  1. <a href="">Look here (it's Ebay)</a> It's a used Mark III XP series 300 CHS. One question, how loud will 150 watts, 4 Ohms, 23 V RMS be?

    What is a RMS anyway?
  2. This amp was the first "real" amp I ever bought, asides from the little 25 watt Samick practice amp I got with my first Samick bass. I used a 4 ohm 15" Peavey cab. That was about 4 years ago and from what I remember it was a very loud amp for only being 150 watts. I used it in a loud blues band and I never really had a problem with volume. It would have been nice to have some more power for a little more low end rumble, but that's all I could afford at the time. And besides, the amp had fine bass at a moderate volume so it wasn't that big of a deal.

    I can't really tell you how loud the amp will be, it depends what cabinet(s) you hook up to it. The amp sounded really good though for the price and I never had any problems with it. Good luck if you get it. Happy bidding.
  3. bassmanjck


    Jan 12, 2001
    I have been using this very amp for the last 2 years. I bought it slightly used for $235.00. I have no plans to get anything else because I am so happy with this one. I play in a four piece pop band. My bandmates tend to crank it up during live performances, and I've never had any problem with volume. I also use it for recording because it is the quietest (in terms of unwanted noise)amp I have ever used. I run the amp through a Peavey 4X10 with horn and a Peavey 1X15, both 8 ohms. The range and sound is great. I couldn't recommend the amp more highly.